Urgent policy support and rational planning for waste rubber and plastics

The scale of comprehensive utilization of resources in China has gradually expanded, of which the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste is 2.059 billion tons, and the utilization rate has reached 62.3%. The level of comprehensive utilization technology has been continuously improved, and the utilization technologies of renewable resources such as waste plastics and waste rubber have achieved industrial breakthroughs; The benefits have increased significantly. In 2013, the comprehensive utilization value of resources reached 1.3 trillion yuan.

The use of waste rubber is urgently supported by the following policies:
Cao Qingxin, Secretary General of the Waste Rubber Comprehensive Utilization Branch of China Rubber Industry Association: China's rubber resources are very scarce. Making full use of waste rubber resources can largely make up for the lack of resources, and the characteristics of waste rubber that are difficult to dissolve and difficult to degrade also determine the correct use of waste rubber resources. The need for processing. Therefore, we must be deeply aware of the dual mission of waste rubber resource utilization and environmental protection, and become a user of renewable resources and environmentalists.

Waste rubber and plastics need to be rationally planned:

However, with the rapid increase in car ownership and the increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, some shortcomings in the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber have gradually become prominent. First of all, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, "Access Conditions for Waste Tire Comprehensive Utilization Industry", only 23 qualified enterprises have been announced in China's thousands of waste rubber utilization enterprises. I hope that we can get rid of this mixed situation as soon as possible, in order to reflect the national policy of supporting and strengthening.

Secondly, there are incentives such as tax incentives for the use of waste rubber, but there are no relevant policies for recycling.

Once again, I hope that the state will encourage enterprises that use advanced equipment and processes of waste rubber and use recycled rubber to promote the sustainable development of the waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry through policy tilt or other measures.

Finally, I hope that the country will be in line with international standards in the recovery and utilization of waste rubber, and promote the extension of producer responsibility as soon as possible.

Waste plastic recycling needs to be planned. Ma Zhanfeng, Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association: China is a big country in plastics production, consumption and export. The recycling and recycling of waste plastics can create considerable value.

However, the internal and external environment facing the waste plastics recycling industry is not optimistic.
There is a lack of technical specification guidance for classification and cleaning of waste plastics in the process of recycling and recycling. It is difficult to realize value-added use of waste plastics without sorting and cleaning, and only incinerate energy or landfill. It is undeniable that individual enterprises neglect environmental protection because of insufficient economic strength, low quality of personnel and inadequate technology, and secondary pollution caused by improper treatment of waste water for cleaning waste plastics.

Due to the characteristics of waste plastics classification, cleaning and processing, recycling and recycling enterprises of waste plastics are also difficult to enter the high-environment environmental protection industrial park. Therefore, the healthy development of plastic recycling and recycling industry requires comprehensive planning. Some problems existing in the waste plastics industry need to be coordinated by the government-led enterprises and industry associations, and environmental protection and recycling should be taken together. In view of the current reality, the introduction of more practical and feasible fiscal and tax subsidies and other support policies, detailed implementation rules, and preferential treatment for the centralized processing of plastic recycling enterprises, not only can effectively reduce costs, but also achieve the purpose of environmental governance, so that recycling is more sequence.

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