Analysis of the method of improving the gloss of stone

The surface of the stone itself has many small scratches, which cause diffuse reflection of light, and the visual effect is the reduction of gloss. The height of the stone is reflected by the reflection of light. If the surface of the stone is flat and dense, the reflected light is uniform and the gloss is high. Conversely, if the stone has more scratches, the surface is uneven, and the texture is loose, then It will cause diffuse reflection of light and the gloss will be low. Whether it is newly renovated stone or stone that has been refurbished after use, the wear and tear of the stone will become more and more serious with the normal use and time, and the gloss will be lower and lower. So how do we carry out stone care for stones with lower gloss?

If effective and timely maintenance is taken, the gloss will be maintained for a long time. If it is only for the maintenance of daily cleaning, the erosion of the exterior of the stone and the changes in the interior of the stone will make the surface characteristics of the stone worse and even affect normal operations. At this point, remedial measures are taken to restore it, but it can be restored to the original level, depending on the degree of wear and maintenance. If the decline is within the recovery capacity, it can naturally return to its original level. If the decline exceeds the recovery capacity, the original level will not be reached. As a result, the gloss will gradually decrease, and the use requirements will not be met. Only then can the original gloss be restored through the stone renovation again, which will result in more Big economic losses.

Correct maintenance method The correct maintenance method is to use the maintenance process in time before the gloss of the stone has not decreased or the extent of the decline does not exceed the recovery ability of the maintenance measures. After the maintenance is completed, the gloss will be well maintained, so that the stone will last for a long time. New, in a state of use with better visual effects.

Correct selection of maintenance process Crystal surface treatment has been widely used in major hotels and high-end properties. Its operability, gloss and hardness make the daily care work simple. Therefore, it is recommended to use crystal surface treatment.

Establishing a reasonable maintenance cycle and frequency The maintenance frequency is based on the flow rate and usage status. It is irresponsible to maintain a one-year effect after crystal face treatment. According to the use survey of many three- to five-star hotels and high-end properties for many years, we can maintain the ideal effect in the general hotel lobby and elevator room for 15-20 days. The specific use of the stone floor of each hotel is not the same. According to the actual situation, after surveying the general situation of passenger flow, use status and cleaning degree, a reasonable maintenance cycle and frequency should be established. The outdoor stone effect may be further discounted.

According to the above frequency, the effect should be maintained by the crystal surface treatment process, which can achieve the ideal effect of pollution resistance and easy cleaning, so that the stone is in a state of good cleanliness, gloss and hardness all year round, showing the overall texture and clarity. And the ideal state of visual effects.

Laminate Flooring very durable product which can be used not only in residential, but in commercial buildings as well. 

But not all the laminate flooring equally scratch, dent and wear resistant. While choosing a right material check the abrasion classification coefficient often know as AC rating of durability. For the best performance, try to avoid purchasing low rated (AC1 or AC2) products. Because of its non porous properties laminate is stain and moisture resistant flooring.

Herringbone is the dividing line between two distinct groups of flooring - flooring that is only for stepping on, and flooring that was made for admiring as art. The Herringbone pattern is difficult to craft and requires meticulous precision, but once chosen these floors will continue to reward you and your guests for generations to come.

Main Features: Thickness:12.0mm /8.0mm

Wear Layer: AC3,Class 31   

Size: 1218x199mm,1215x195mm,1217x196mm


Herringbone Series Flooring

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