Herbicide: detailed description of imazamox

Methoxybutazone is a broad-spectrum, high-activity imidazolinone herbicide ; commonly used preparations are 0.8%, 4%, 12% of imazamox, and 70% of imazamox. Mixture of water-soluble granules, imazamox and pendimethalin (Shi Tianbu), currently used in China as a 4% water agent;
Control target of imazamox:
Imazamox can effectively control most annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, such as wild oats, alfalfa, foxtail, golden foxtail, maiden, medlar, thousand gold, crabgrass, and comfrey (3 leaf stage) Former), Solanum nigrum, ramie, Amaranth, medlar, Ophiopogon, Xanthium, Citron, Stipa, Wolf, Grass, Stupid, Willow, Hedgehog, Amaranth, etc. Amaranth, thorns, etc. have inhibitory effects.
Application of imazamox <br> The application period of imazamox should be carried out during the period from the emergence of two true leaves of soybeans to the second three-leaf compound leaves, and attention should be paid to grass weeds. Should be in the 2 to 4 leaf stage, broadleaf weeds should be 2 to 7 cm high. The prevention and treatment of Xanthium should be applied before the 4-leaf period of Xanthium, and the effect on the unearthed Xanthium is poor. It is best to control the 2-leaf stage of the comfrey, and the application effect after the 3-leaf stage is poor.
Use 4% of imazamox smoker per acre 75-83 ml (active ingredient 3~3.32 g), use low-dose, add 2% ammonium sulfate spray, suitable soil moisture, strong weed growth And weeds use low doses in young hours, drought conditions and difficult to control weeds for a long time with high doses.
All field application or seedling application can be applied. The artificial knapsack sprayer sprays 20-40 liters per mu, and the tractor sprayer 10-14 liters. Ultra-low volume sprays cannot be used with ultra low volume sprayers or knapsack sprayers, which can be irritated when the concentration of the liquid is too high. Artificial spray should choose fan-shaped nozzles, apply ridges along the ridges, set spray pressure, nozzle distance, ground height and walking speed. Do not flicker and drop when applying, slow and slow, do not move left and right to ensure application Evenly.
Application notes for imazamox
1. After the application of imazamox in 2 days after exposure to low temperature of 10 °C, the metabolic capacity of soybean to methoxyacetice is reduced, which is easy to cause phytotoxicity. It is not suitable to use imazamox in low-lying areas in the north and cold areas in the mountains. .
2. Synergist YZ-901, AA-921 could not be added when spraying imazamox.
3. Spray the imazamox must be uniform.
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