How to see the LED lighting factory and business "fight"?

How to see the LED lighting factory and business "fight"?

According to reports, the “blacklist of lighting customers in Guzhen Township, Zhongshan” is widely publicized by manufacturers on the information of unreliable distributors. Some dealers opened cheques on the Internet. After a year of cooperation with manufacturers, they could not sell them. The goods returned, causing unnecessary losses to the manufacturer. The blacklist is an integration of bad distributor information released by one manufacturer after another. Some of them are just local, name plus list reasons, and some even have specific address and contact information. The newspaper planning team reporter tried to explore the authenticity of the blacklist through these contact methods, but found that most of the above phone numbers have been shut down or shut down, and the rest have been canceled.

In fact, the cooperation between manufacturers in the lighting lighting industry speaks of a "letter" word. Without credibility, it is a taboo on the business field. In the important period of development and reorganization of the current industry, Baotuan development and survival of the fittest have become a In the normal state, whether the manufacturer or the distributor appears in the process of cooperation will cause development difficulties. "In the relationship of manufacturers, honesty is very critical and is the premise of all cooperation." Said Fang Fangrong, manager of Jinlong Lighting.

In the interview process, Yu Wei, Manager of Honglian Lighting Shandong Operation Center also said: “The contradiction between manufacturers is inevitable because there is a relationship of interests between the parties and it is necessary to find a balance point for stable cooperation.” It must be said that adverse events such as the deterioration of the manufacturer's relationship are also only individual phenomena in the industry. Xiang Guifang, general manager of Home & Home Lighting Plaza, said that these bad phenomena will not appear between large companies and regular manufacturers. Because there are standardized norms and agreements for cooperation between each other, as long as people are engaged in honesty and good faith, the cooperation between manufacturers is still very pleasant.

Why: "One slap does not ring"

As the saying goes: "One slap does not ring." In the process of cooperation, many times the problem is the interaction of vendors with each other. "The relationship between the manufacturers is not good, the main thing is communication is not good, there are problems with integrity, which is also related to the quality of the individual." Xiang Guifang said that the relationship between manufacturers and dealers is like two on the same rope For ants, if there is a problem, the two should discuss each other and work together to solve the problem. Do not complain to each other. Since cooperation, it should be to solve the problem rather than create more problems.

It must be said that in the issue of manufacturers, the vicious competition in the industry environment, the absence of standards, the status of standards, and the low barriers to entry are also one of the main reasons.

In this regard, Fang Fangrong also said: “In my opinion, the relationship between manufacturers is now the time for manufacturers to work together for mutual benefit, mutual benefit and common cooperation. When problems arise, they should solve problems and use appropriate and favorable methods to seek common ground while reserving differences. Long-term cooperation and development are the major premise for solving problems. I think that the cooperation of manufacturers is like a husband and wife. It is a long-term development, long-term considerations, and we should achieve a win-win situation in continuous running.” In fact, as the industry economy continues Development, the relationship between manufacturers and distributors has become closer, and at the same time, conflicts among them have gradually become one of the problems plaguing the development of industry enterprises. Some industry sources have stated: “In the past, manufacturers were buying and selling relations, and they were buying and selling. Now This kind of trading relationship is no longer suited to the needs of the new situation. Our future cooperation model is to establish a sustainable profitable, sustainable business model and commercial relationships."

It can be seen that the adverse events caused by the contradictions of the manufacturers are only individual phenomena. However, looking at the individual as a whole and looking at the essence of the individuality are just the facts that tell the industry that the relationship between the various manufacturers urgently needs to change and innovate.

How to do it: "Follow the rules and do yourself"

In the business field, manufacturers and merchants are partners. Through the use of a wide range of distributors, manufacturers can more easily open the market and expand brand influence, while dealers can expand their sales through the brand influence of manufacturers. Achieve win-win. Manufacturers and merchants are also players. Manufacturers hope that the dealers below will sell their products according to their own wishes and achieve the required sales, while dealers hope to get more preferential policies and profit sharing from the manufacturers, and at the same time strongly expand their right to speak and sales decisions. . How to find the balance of interests among vendors is a practical issue that all dealers have to consider in the course of their operations.

Yu Wei, Manager of Honglian Lighting Shandong Operations Center, said: The problems between manufacturers are often problems of interest. Manufacturers are not willing to promise that merchants are not in arrears to default on payment is the most basic principle of cooperation. At the same time, the cooperation model between manufacturers is also a key issue. I personally think that spot cash is the best mode of cooperation. In the process of cooperation, the services that manufacturers should provide should be improved. Or the intermediary role of logistics providers, mutual coordination, mutual understanding, nature can also be a pleasant cooperation.

Jin Long Lighting Manager Miao Fangrong said: The problems between common manufacturers are often caused by misunderstandings between each other. They are the result of long-term legacy problems that cannot be solved. We should follow the industry's rules and regulations in cooperation and formulate cooperation that belongs to us. standard. Manufacturers do a good job of products, give businesses the greatest support in sales; business honest and trustworthy business, is the best way to resolve the contradictions of the manufacturers. The cooperation of manufacturers should be the process of common development and win-win future.

Xiang Guifang, general manager of Home & Home Beauty Lighting Plaza, said: Today's lighting and lighting industry is better than product quality and consumer services. Whether it is a manufacturer or a distributor, their common goal is profitability. In the same industry chain, it should be Mutual cooperation, advance and retreat together. Therefore, I think that the essence of doing things is the most important. When there is a mutual cooperation agreement that is based on the foundation, it should be implemented in accordance with the agreement. As long as the manufacturers are as harmonious as one family, they can do more on the business field. The better, bigger and stronger.

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