How about an open kitchen

The advantages of an open kitchen are obvious, because the open space is relatively open, and it can make the whole home space bigger. If you like the open kitchen, how about the open kitchen? With respect to open kitchens, we have seen many beautiful decoration designs, but there are not many in practical life. Open kitchens are generally suitable for larger houses. The open kitchen did feel good visually, but the follow-up fumes problem was a headache.

In addition to the traditional style of kitchen decoration , there is an open kitchen . Many people think that open kitchens are exclusive to big houses, but they are not. It is also beautiful and practical to design open kitchens for many smaller houses. However, some friends think that the open kitchen is not very good, soot is too large; some think it saves space, there are atmospheres; each have their own arguments. Let's take a look at the open kitchen today with Xiaobian.

The open kitchen is usually a design that combines the dining room with the kitchen, or adjacent to the living room without a door . The open kitchen has become a trend in home decoration nowadays, it has many advantages, but there are many friends who consider its deficiencies, which require us to pay more attention to the design, and many problems will be solved. Next we will take a look at the design is a matter of attention.

I think that the biggest concern for my friends when they think about decorating into an open kitchen is that the open kitchen won’t make fumes everywhere in the home. It's not hygienic. In fact, Xiaobian wants to tell everyone that there is no need to worry about this issue. At present, families usually have high-power range hoods in the kitchen. Even soot is pumped away, so there is no need to worry about soot problems. Plus, smokeless stoves and smokeless pots are all used now. These are open kitchens that provide good hardware. There are also smoke-free cooking utensils such as microwave ovens, induction cookers , and rice cookers in modern home appliances , so you don't have to worry about smoke fumes.

Some friends think about designing an open kitchen, but they worry that their home area is too small to be realized. In fact, this issue is not a problem at all. The open kitchen is not a patent for large houses, and small houses should be designed as open kitchens. The open kitchen is usually a combination of a restaurant and a kitchen. The size of a small apartment is only a few tens of square meters. Choose an open kitchen and the space becomes more transparent. And the kitchen is next to the dining table , which is more convenient.

If another friend asks the open kitchen, this question, we can also give some examples. Open kitchens usually have a bar design. And the bar and dining table are usually combined into one, which is both beautiful and practical. And it is also very suitable for couples to live in two worlds, very exotic. If the space division of the open kitchen is not obvious enough, the floor of the kitchen can be raised, which will not affect the overall effect, but can also be clearly partitioned.

Another point about open kitchens is the large amount of storage. Although the kitchen is small, but there are definitely a lot of items to be stored, but the appearance of the whole cabinet provides convenience for the open kitchen . The cabinets , cabinets, hardware, and different combinations can transform different styles and types of cabinets. . The cabinet company will design cabinets that are most suitable for the owners according to the size of the field and the needs of the owner. Therefore, the storage space does not need to worry about.

Conclusion: The open kitchen can make the home space exhibit an unprecedented sense of atmosphere. If we can design the color and the material of the cabinet as a whole, and make the overall style consistent with the style of other spaces, then the final result is also very good. Based on the above analysis, we can see that the open kitchen is good, and of course the answer is good. The open kitchen is the current trend in home kitchen design. It is a trend. At the same time, we also see it has many advantages, and the problems we worry about will not arise. Therefore, friends who are still waiting to see and do not hesitate to design open kitchens are very good.

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Quaternary Ammonium Salts

Quaternary ammonium salt is also called quaternary ammonium salt. 

Quaternary ammonium salt is similar to Inorganic Salt, easy to dissolve in water, and aqueous solution can conduct electricity. Mainly through ammonia or amine and halogenated reaction system, for example:

The quaternary ammonium salt exists in nature, many of which have certain biological activity, and some quaternary ammonium salt can be used as the phase transfer catalyst in drugs, pesticides and chemical reactions.

Quaternary Ammonium Salts

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