Traditional hardware industry automation upgrade made Dongguan "backbone"

Traditional hardware industry automation upgrade made Dongguan "backbone"

The hardware industry is a traditional industry in China and plays a pivotal role in our national economy. With the rapid development of China's economy, the hardware industry has also mushroomed like a mushroom, not only infiltrating into all walks of life, but also strongly promoting the development of other related industries, thus showing a good development prospect. Due to the vast market, adequate labor force, and developed transportation, and relying on the developed economy of Guangdong, Dongguan City has become a well-known hardware industry development area in China, and its products are famous for its production and sales at home and abroad.

The survival rule of the survival of the fittest remains the same. The emergence of many new enterprises in the industry undoubtedly brings brutal and fierce competition. Since the traditional hardware industry has a single competitive model, it is now at the bottleneck of development. How to realize the traditional hardware to the new hardware The transformation of the industry, thus breaking through the development bottleneck under this single model, is the most urgent issue that needs to be solved in the hardware industry.

Topstar automation solutions can perfectly solve this big problem. Topstar Industrial Robots can drive the development of the hardware industry with the following advantages:

(1) Advanced industrial robots integrate advanced manufacturing technologies such as precision, flexibility, intelligence, software application development, etc. Through the implementation of process detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management, and decision-making, it is possible to increase output and improve quality. Reducing costs, reducing resource consumption and environmental pollution are the highest expressions of industrial automation.

(2) Technology Upgrades Industrial robots and automated equipments are equipped with technical features such as fine manufacturing, fine processing, and flexible production. They are the new generation of production and development tools for humans and intelligence that have evolved beyond the power machines and computers. Digitization, automation, networking, and intelligence are important tools.

(3) Wide range of applications Industrial robots and automated equipments are key equipments in the production process and can be used in manufacturing, installation, inspection, logistics and other production processes. They are also widely used in automobile vehicles and auto parts, construction machinery, and rail transit. Low-voltage electrical appliances, power, IC equipment, military, **, finance, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and printing and publishing industries are widely used.

(4) Technology comprehensive industrial robots and automated complete sets of technologies that focus on and integrate a number of disciplines, covering a variety of technical areas, including industrial robot control technology, robot dynamics and simulation, finite element analysis robot construction, laser processing technology, Modular program design, intelligent measurement, modeling and processing integration, factory automation and advanced logistics and other advanced manufacturing technologies, technology comprehensive.

This to a certain extent has increased the degree of automation of the labor-intensive industrial chain like the hardware industry, and the production of the Tuosida robot itself has also driven the development of the hardware industry.

Topstar's production of energy-saving automation solutions The future factory will use the minimum energy and material consumption to achieve the maximum results, and the demand will focus on the production technology with less. Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, stated that it is very likely that energy-saving will reach 20-30% in the future. In addition to efficient handling technology and lightweight structures for fast moving parts, such as robotic arms and robotic tools, control technologies also have enormous potential for energy savings. In the past, robots had no standby mode. Now the new automation concept provides such operations and saves a lot of energy.

In the traditional hardware industry, manual operations are far from meeting the requirements of automated assembly equipment. Tuosida's coating robots have the technical characteristics of fine manufacturing, fine processing, and flexible production, which are the successor to power machinery and computers. A new generation of production tools that fully extends human strength and intelligence is an important means for achieving digital, automated, networked, and intelligent production.

Tuosida industrial robot painting has the advantages of precision, flexibility, and intelligence. In addition, with the use of Tuoster robot painting in the painting process, we can perform functions such as detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management, and decision making on the robot, so that we can increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, and reduce resource consumption. Environmental pollution, and this is also the highest level of automation in the hardware industry.

With Tudor Industrial Robot Painting, robotics technology is comprehensive, and it also possesses a complete set of automation technology. It integrates and integrates a number of disciplines, covering a variety of technical fields, including industrial robot control technology, robot dynamics and simulation, and robotics. Construct advanced manufacturing technologies such as finite element analysis, laser processing technology, modular program design, intelligent measurement, modeling and processing integration, factory automation, and fine logistics, and the technology is comprehensive.

Topstar industrial robots not only play an important role in metal painting, but also are widely used in metal welding. Tuosida welding robot has broken through the large load-bearing ratio technically to ensure the robot's high rigidity, high precision, reduced costs, and improved the robot's cost-effectiveness. Tuosida welding robot controller realizes coordinated control of multiple robots and positioners, supports bus technology, enhances system expansion capability, and improves control system reliability.

As an economically developed industrial city in Guangdong, Dongguan City has firmly grasped various development opportunities, accurately adjusted strategic decisions, and vigorously promoted the machine substitution policy to allow Dongguan enterprises to enter a transformation and upgrade. Tuosida is proud to be an automation operator. This contribution made the hardware industry automate upgrades and made Dongguan the “backbone”. It was even more unique in the country and steadily leading the forefront of the industry in the country, injecting a powerful impetus for the economic development of Guangdong. The development of the national hardware industry has provided valuable experience.

PC plastic,full name Polycarbonate.

PC plastic is a kind of excellent comprehensive performance engineering plastics.It has excellent physical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties,so it's known as the "king of the transparent plastic'



Anti - static PC SHEET, conductive PC SHEET,fireproof PC SHEET,PC fiber - resistant, PC GF SHEET, PC+ABS SHEET,anti-ultraviolet ray resistance PC, food grade PC, anti - chemical PC.



1,Light weight

2,Impact resistance

3,Excellent physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties

4,Ultraviolet resistance



Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light, no resistance to alkali, resistance to hydrolysis stability is not high, is the main performance defect is sensitive to the gap, resistance to organic chemistry, scratch resistance is poorer, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light yellow, are vulnerable to the erosion of some organic solvents.



1. Dust-free room spacer

2. Equipment shield and test fixtures;

3. Commercial Building Lighting;

4. Soundproof walls;

5. Greenhouse;

6. Components for medical and pharmaceutical devices;

7. Face shields;

8. Skylights, etc


Modified use:

The purpose of the modified PC Plastic is to toughen, improve the processing performance, reduce the residual deformation, and increase the flame retardancy, etc.

PC/ABS can improve bending modulus, heat resistance and plating performance.

PC/PET and PBT can improve drug resistance and solvent resistance.

PC/PMMA added plexiglass to enhance the appearance of pearlescent color.

PC/PA and HIPS can improve impact toughness and surface finish.

PC/HDPE can improve water resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and LDPE.

The PC  Plastic USES fiberglass or carbon fiber to enhance modification and improve mechanical strength.

The flame retardant grade  PC  Plastic  can be made with bromine flame retardant and antimony trioxide.

Other and polysulfone, aromatic polycarbonate, polyvinyl formaldehyde, polypropylene, polystyrene can be modified to achieve the balance between economy and performance.


Combustion characteristics: 

Combustion condition: easy, softening foaming

Flame status: small amount of black smoke

After the fire: out of the fire

Bouquet: no special taste


Specification: the thickness of PC  Plastic sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 1.9mm, the normal width is 600mm, the width cannot exceed 1200mm, the length is not limited.
The thickness of plate can be produced from 2mm to 180mm, the usual specification of 2-10mm is 1000mm* 2000mm, and the commonly used specification of 10-180mm is 600*1200 mm.  PC Plastic sheet can also be customized according to requirements, and the width cannot exceed 1200mm, and the length is not limited.and The diameter of the PC Plastic rod can be produced from 2mm to 250mm, the length is 1 meter, and it can be ordered to be more than 3 meters in length.

Color: Black and clear, can also be made another color, and the color order is 500KG.

Modified varieties:PC Plastic can be added to the Glass Fiber, copper powder, and molybdenum disulfide enhancement plate according to customer's requirements.
Add antistatic agent to the permanent plate, the volume resistance value of 10 to the 6 to 9 power.
Add flame retardant to the flame retardant board from UL 94v-0 to HB combustion grade, and other modification requirements are required to customize various additional properties according to the actual use of the customer.

Product certification: most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.

PC Plastic Sheet

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