Hydraulic excavator drive axle abnormal sound and cleaning

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Hydraulic excavator drive axle abnormal sound and cleaning

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-10-14

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Hydraulic excavator drive axle abnormal noise and cleaning methods:
The axle noise is a manifestation of the deterioration of the skill level; the size of the sound indicates the degree of deterioration of the skill headquarters. The abnormal sound and opportunity of the rear axle are also different. The abnormal sound usually follows the speed and travel conditions of the excavator. Change with change.
1. Analysis of the cause:
(1) When the gear wears the excavator; the speed reducer (main reducer and wheel reducer) and the differential gear of the drive axle will wear out; when the smoothness is bad; the gear wears faster; the gear teeth wear After losing the shape of the involute profile; when the gears mesh; the rolling friction is cut; the sliding friction is added; this not only increases the meshing clearance of the gear; together further accelerates the wear process of the gear; the noise occurs; that is, the abnormal sound. In addition; the gear teeth are directed to a cantilever beam; the bending stress at the root of the tooth is the largest after loading; plus the effect of alternating load; the root of the gear will have fatigue cracks. Follow the extension of working time; the degree of fatigue is added and the crack When the gear teeth are meshed, the smooth oil will be squeezed into the crack of the meshing teeth; the crack will be extended to the depth and length under the effect of the oil pressure; when the gear bearing capacity is less than the load, it will break; commonly known as toothing. After the tooth is changed, the abnormal sound will be louder; it will even stop the transmission or damage other parts.
(2) The rear side gears of the differential and the back of the planetary gears are padded with cushions. These pads are worn and worn. 崾 崾 龊 龊 湎 湎 湎 龃螅 龃螅 龃螅 鱿 鱿 鱿 鱿 鱿 鱿 鱿Which gap is 3.鱿焐.
(3) Half-axis spline tooth wear; will also increase the cooperation gap. When the transmission; when the two cooperative parts attack speed difference; that will occur spline and keyway hit to announce abnormal sound.
(4) Influence of bearing The bearing accepts alternating load; it not only wears out during operation; it also makes the roll body and the raceway look tired, when the smoothness is bad; the damage speed is accelerated and the damage is worsened; therefore, the bearing is rolled. When the body is tumbling; the irregular oscillation is announced and the oscillation sound is announced. The pre-tightening of the tapered bearing is adjusted by the gasket or the thread (differential bearing); if the pre-tightening degree of the adjustment is over.嵯虼芏 赡龊 赡龊 赡龊 赡龊 湎妒 湎妒 ナ ナ 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 龊 损坏
(5) The fastening (bolt) of the reducer and the differential is loose; more abnormal noise will occur.
(6) Smooth and bad gear transmission must be smooth; if it is lack of oil or oil, the low quality does not form an oil film; when the gear teeth mesh, it constitutes a dry conflict;
(7) When the main reducer and the differential are not properly installed, the gears and bearings should have a certain gap between the cooperation parts. The gap is too large and the noise is too loud;萆 萆 湍と菀 湍と菀 菲 疲 疲 疲 跋 跋 跋 跋 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 菝娴 蠡 淙矗 淙矗 淙矗 淙矗 淙矗 淙矗 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋 呷龋菝婢 菝婢 岱 (5) eat 谝豢 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 窒螅 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮 齿轮And noise.
When the main gear of the reducer is forced to mesh with the gear; there should be a correct meshing mark; the ability to ensure the meshing is excellent. If the meshing teeth of the gear teeth are not evenly distributed around the pitch circle; the excavator will announce abnormal noise when it travels.
2, diagnosis and removal:
At the time of diagnosis; should be based on the opportunities and characteristics presented by the abnormal sound; contact the reasons for the above analysis to sweep.
(1) The road test excavator exhibits abnormal noise when it travels straight; the fault is usually at the main reducer or the differential bearing, etc., and the noise is abnormal when turning; the fault is mostly in the differential.
1 If the sound is loud (screaming); and it is a new installation; the differential part of the axle shell driven by the hand mold is inconvenient; the indication is mostly because the installation is too tight; the cooperation gap is too small.
2 If it is used for a long time, it will be loud; usually it is caused by excessive wear and tear of the parts. It is often caused by the “squeaky” sound when the start or the speed of the vehicle changes. If it is heard, it is dry. The sound of conflict; mostly due to poor smoothness in the drive axle.
(2) Parking check to see if you are relying on the feel or the gap gauge.
1 Use the clearance meter to check the total clearance of the drive axle transmission; the method is: place the transmission lever in the neutral position; release the parking brake; brake the wheel; fix the scale of the clearance gauge to the reducer housing The pointer is fixed on the connecting Flange of the transmission shaft. The transmission shaft is changed; the transmission shaft is rotated from one extreme orientation to the other. The measured angle value is the total angular clearance of the transaxle transmission; that is, the final drive gear Engagement clearance, differential gear meshing clearance, cooperation clearance between the half shaft and the side gear; and the meshing clearance of the wheel reducer gear; generally should be around 65 ° C; if the measured viewpoint is too large; The abnormal noise of the bridge is caused by the excessive gap of the transmission parts.
2 Check the smooth condition to remove the oil level screw plug; check the oil level height. If the oil is too hot or the oil changes, it will be explained that the abnormal sound is caused by poor smoothness.
3 When the temperature is heard, the bridge has a high-pitched sound; the temperature of the transaxle case, the differential case, and the wheel reducer case can be contacted by hand. If there is overheating, the installation is too tight; usually This representation is presented in a new or repaired transaxle.
When the final diagnosis of the drive axle is faulty; it should be collapsed for viewing; and the disease should be swept away. For example; when the bearing is damaged after the collapse; it should be replaced. The pre-tightening force is small; it should be adjusted according to the actual situation; the final drive or the differential meshing clearance Large; or the imprinting marks are not correct; adjust. When adjusting the meshing marks, refer to the adjustment method of the loader's matching marks. When the gear teeth are damaged; it is more sneaky. Usually the gears should be replaced in pairs. If it is not replaced in pairs; not only After the replacement, it will still show abnormal noise; together it will affect the service life of the gear.

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