What about the seaweed essence?

As a dealer engaged in the sales of seaweed Fertilizer for 17 years, I would like to introduce some insights about seaweed. There are many mistakes in the middle and I hope that experts will give pointers. Seaweed A fertilizer with the highest content of alginic acid and sea

Analysis of the characteristics of thousands of smart l…

With the advent of the smart era, some smart homes are not disconnected. The emergence of smart locks is, with us, undoubtedly a great help and brings great convenience to life. The brand advantage of thousands of smart locks With thousands of Wulian Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dalian H

What is the difference between heavy calcium powder pro…

As a energy-saving, environmentally-friendly mineral material, heavy calcium carbonate is widely used in paper, plastics, rubber, paints, adhesives and adhesives due to its special physical and chemical properties, low price, wide raw materials and non-toxicity. Sealants and building materials indu

Brief description of QSP fountain pump main technical p…

QSP fountain pump, the pump is directly integrated with the well with submersible pump, direct dive into the water run. Slim structure. Single or multi-stage pump-filled wet three-phase asynchronous motor submersible pump. Is designed for agricultural drainage and irrigation, sprinkler irrigati

How to clean the screen window maintenance method

If screens can be washed down, it will be more convenient, and the methods that can be chosen will be more varied and flexible. This will save us a lot of peace of mind. But if the screens cannot be removed, we will become very upset when we wash. How can I clean the unopenable screens ? Today, Xi

The three major polymerization areas of the national gr…

Abstract On July 6, 2017 World Graphene Innovation Conference was held in Changzhou. In his speech, Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Li Li, said that the graphene industry should be built into a new bright spot in Jiangsu's transformation and inno

Hanuo smart lock features and technical principles

With the development of science and technology, more and more intelligent products have entered our home and brought us a lot of convenience. Compared to traditional door locks, smart locks are really high in safety factor, easy to use, and suitable for major places. No matter where you are, you ca

Fertilizer and water management technology in the late …

First, topdressing In the middle and late stages of pepper growth, the plants have more fruit and require a large amount of fertilizer. The land with good soil fertility and sufficient bottom fertilizer can be combined with watering and fertilizing (10:5 kg of nitrogen: phosphorus:potassium: 2:

How to distinguish the plastic wrap of PE and PVC

On December 1, the national standard for "self-adhesive plastic wrap for foods" was officially implemented. Most plastic wraps are not clearly marked with the “new national standard”, indicating the mode of use, heating method, maximum temperature r

The user needs to understand the six points of the inte…

Even the best smart locks need a high-precision composite structure anti-theft lock core. The safest anti-theft lock core represents the highest guarantee of home safety. Then when the user chooses the smart lock, the six points on the smart cylinder must be clear. First, the best choice of nickel