Suzhou Sterling Scaffolding Operation Department

Suzhou City Sterling Scaffolding Rental Operations Department is engaged in the sale and rental of various door scaffolding; scaffolding and steel scaffolding; professionally undertake scaffolding construction. Provide one-stop service for scaffolding installation, erection, demolition and distrib

Overcapacity: the global steel industry is difficult to…

Abstract [Introduction]: At present, overcapacity has become a difficult problem for the global steel industry, and it is also a problem that the global steel industry must face and solve. According to Morgan Stanley's report, the United States, India and Japan have performed well because

SKF bearing cage

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Blockboard grade

Blockboard can be divided into "excellent products", "first-class products" and "qualified products" according to the quality of the materials and the texture of the surface materials. Some enterprises also mark the grades of grades as A, double A and triple A, bu

How to choose electric water heater?

In the face of the market's dazzling array of electric water heaters, many consumers often feel at a loss. How to choose a satisfactory, safe and durable electric water heater? In fact, as long as you pay attention to the following points when purchasing, it is not difficult to choose an e

Rice topdressing potash

Rice application of potassium fertilizer can achieve significant yield increase. Potassium is sufficient to enhance photosynthesis, promote sugar synthesis and accumulation, improve plant resistance, enhance the respiration capacity of rice roots, promote nitrogen uptake and protein synthesis, and

How to prevent and cure edible fungus based rot

The pathogen is Pythium. It belongs to flagellate and is a parasitic disease. It damages the base of the mushroom and causes the base of the fruit body to rot. It produces a layer of white hairy mold and hyphae in the diseased part. In the germination period, the bacteria are

Reasonable application of trichlorfon

Trichlorfon (C4H8O4Cl3P) is an organophosphorus ester compound, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, low residual amount and short residual time in fish disease control. According to the China Pesticide Network , in order to reduce and avoid the occurrenc

TORRINGTON company bearing make up code (1)

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