Brief description of the type of rivet

Common rivets Commonly used are semi-circular heads, flat heads, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, countersunk rivets, blind rivets, hollow rivets, which are usually riveted by their own deformation connection. (Generally less than 8 mm for cold riveting, larger than for hot riveting.) But t

The steel industry can't rely on “熬”

In the first quarter, the loss of the whole industry was “resolving” the consolidation and restructuring of the steel industry and the speed of industrial upgrading. Affected by high raw material costs and insufficient downstream demand, steel companies' profit margins have been s

Tungsten products market abnormal growth in raw materia…

At present, the domestic tungsten product market is in a state of abnormal development. The price of upstream raw materials has continued to rise sharply, while the price of deep-processed products has increased by a small margin. The intermediate products are difficult to move. This is a true po

Function and use of oil seal

Engine: Crankshaft - front crankshaft, rear oil seal valve - valve oil seal (engine repair kit o-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, oil pump oil seal...); camshaft - camshaft oil seal Transmission: Transmission - front and rear oil seal shift lever oil seal (tr

Classification of triangular valves

The triangular valve is divided into hot and cold: "Cold" and "Hot" (different from blue and red signs) The same type of cold and warm triangular valve in the same manufacturer has the same material with no essential difference. The main purpose of distinguishing between c

Sanding machine operation precautions

Sanding machine operation precautions 1 Long-term parking, check whether the dispersion disk is jammed by the media before starting the machine. If the coupling does not move, the pump can be used to pump the solvent. Do not force the start to avoid damage to the friction plate. 2 Parking fo

What are the tips for choosing roller slides?

1, test steel: how much can the drawer load, mainly to see the track of steel is good or bad. You can pull out the drawer when you buy it, and use your hand to press it slightly to see if it will loosen, squeak, or flip. 2, see the material: the material of the pulley determines the comfort of th

Bamboo wood adhesive

For cementation of wood, bamboo, plywood, and other wood materials, urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives can be used. It is colorless, non-toxic, lightfast and inexpensive. There are several varieties: (1) 531 urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive: It can be bonded at room temperature or under heating cond

What are the main problems to buy door locks?

When the lock is rotated, the smaller the better sound, turn the handle that the tongue should follow one o'clock. In terms of the shape of the key, the pit key lock is safer than the tooth key lock, but the pit key must be lost when the key is lost . The more square heads the lock has, the bet

Hardware purchase 6 standard

First: handles pay attention to contrast, set off the United States; Second: no defects in appearance, good plating effect, smooth feel; Third: hinges, slides, locks repeatedly open, see its flexibility and sensitivity, the degree of stiffness; Fourth: Compare the weight of the lock with your h