Bathroom flush sound big since the purchase of noise in…

In the morning or in the evening, at the peak of bathroom water, do you often hear the sound of flushing upstairs in your own home? In fact, such noise is a solution. If it is a renovated house, you only need to open the ceiling of the bathroom and then use the soundproof cotton purchased to wrap

Miscellaneous cans Dongfeng: Five major upgrades

——The transformation and upgrading of the printing industry will help the development of chemical tanks and art tanks With the introduction and implementation of a series of national environmental protection and emission reduction control policies, the transformation and upgrading

Clear and elegant 30 flat small family dwelling life

What adjectives would you think of when you dwell in a dwelling place? Dark, wet, narrow, depressed... But this is not the life we ​​want. In fact, as long as you have a good vision of life, dwelling can be wonderful. Although the following case area is only 30 square meters,

Goor Jiaqiu tour Yangtaishan activity silhouette

Youth happiness station, you and I travel -------- remember Guoerjia autumn activities Yangtaishan autumn tour, in order to create a united and progressive spirit of enterprise, Shenzhen Guoerjia Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd. organized company leaders to carry out autumn activities This time, th

How to design a bakery? Bakery decoration design princi…

With the rapid development of the baking industry, the bakery decoration design has become one of the topics currently facing the bakery. The design of the bakery has now become a unique art. The environment is one of the important factors to attract consumers. The decoration design w

The kitchen decoration should be perfect 10 points can …

The kitchen is a space for housewives to create food, and the main feature of small space is the small amount of debris. Therefore, at the beginning of the renovation of the kitchen, it is necessary to plan the decoration and layout of each space. The kitchen color and so on can't be ignored.

How to trim the lemon tree? Lemon tree pruning method

Lemon tree pruning method: Saplings are trimmed. Lemon saplings should be long-tailed, and after the shoots are sucked, in addition to retaining 8 to 10 pieces of toppings on the long shoots, the rest should be tendered. It is advisable to keep the length of 20~25cm, enrich the strong crown, branc

The advantages and price traps of broken aluminum alloy…

Today I would like to explain in detail about broken aluminum alloy doors and windows. Compared with other brands of doors and windows, broken aluminum alloy doors and windows into the Chinese market is relatively late, it was first popular in the European generation. However, the latent period in

What should I pay attention to during the flowering sea…

What to pay attention to when planting flowers in Bailu season: 1. Timely illumination: Some summer flowers that bloom in the summer, such as jasmine, hibiscus, and Jiulixiang, should still be placed in a sunny place, so that the plants can fully receive the light, and promote the maturity of the

What vegetables are suitable for eating during the seas…

What vegetables do you eat in Bailu: White dew, it is prone to dry mouth, dry lips, dry throat, dry skin, etc., is a typical "autumn dry". At this time, eat more vegetables to moisten! Vegetables are a major source of vitamins and minerals and are also rich in cellulose, pectin and organ