Smart City enters exploration and application period

Smart City enters exploration and application period

The development of smart cities has entered the exploration and application period from the ** boot period, piloted widely throughout the country, and major smart applications are gradually being implemented.

There are many modes of operation for smart cities. One of them is the smart city service provider model. Through smart projects or project packages, it cuts into specific areas such as smart management, smart medical care, smart transportation, and smart management. Representative companies include IBM, Microsoft, Yihualu, Bell and Yinjiang. Wait. Second, there is a telecommunications operator model, led by China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, etc., and relying on the advantages of users and pipelines, through the construction of wireless networks, public information platforms and other ways.

This reporter learned that in Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu and other first-tier cities, there have been some "new players." Traditional real estate development companies rely on opportunities such as the transformation of shanty towns to create “people’s livelihoods and smart” urban areas for local governments, obtaining land and funds of higher prices, and investing in smart cities and livelihood construction.

Construction and operation-driven development

How is a smart city integrated management operating platform made?

Taking the Heping District of Tianjin as an example, according to the plan, “Wisdom Peace” will transform and upgrade the existing 800-way cameras in the region, and 2,000 new-way cameras will be built. At the same time, a digital intelligent support platform, a VIDC modem room, and a three-dimensional space sharing service will be built. Visual perception platform, online video service system, central display system, data storage center. It integrates multiple systems such as urban management, civil air defense, transportation, emergency command, and administrative office on one large screen. This integrated management and operation platform will also access more work content of functional departments.

According to the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Smart Cities" jointly issued by eight ministries and commissions such as the National Development and Reform Commission in August this year, the main goals of smart cities are the convenience of public services, the refinement of urban management, and the livability of living environments. Intelligent infrastructure and long-term network security.

In specific urban practices, smart cities are involved in areas such as intelligent transportation, smart environmental protection, smart **, smart travel, smart medical care, smart home, smart logistics, and smart grid. The key technologies are mainly wireless sensor network technologies.

Among them, in order to make people, vehicles, and roads interact harmoniously, smart transportation is mainly embodied in comprehensive traffic information management, safe school buses, smart buses, two passengers and one crisis, logistics and freight transportation, 114 appointments registered, image storage and transmission, etc. Increase smart work sites and so on.

The volume of smart city projects is on the level of 100 million. Finding money remains the top priority for the construction of local smart cities. The central ministries and commissions plan to include the effectiveness of smart city construction in the assessment of local performance, encourage the innovation of construction and operation modes, and stimulate market vitality.

At this stage, the construction model mainly consists of four modes. First, the government invests and operates, and the enterprises participate in the construction; the second is the joint construction and management of the government and the enterprise; the third is the overall planning of the government; the investment and construction of the enterprise; the fourth is the construction and operation of the enterprise, the government, and the public Purchase services.

In fact, from the simple construction of a smart city to the construction and operation of a two-wheel drive has become a new development in the industry, and the flexible and changeable operation model matching this is also to adapt to different market demands. For example, at the same time, Bell believes itself as a management service provider, investment construction operator, and the business model is divided into self-constructed, self-operated, owner-occupied, self-operated, owner-built, and fully-operated outsourcing.

Project, general package cut in operation

Bellsin chose to enter a smart city with a smart city complex. Taking commercial real estate as an example, Bell believes that joint developers should invest in the construction of commercial projects, unify the design and construction of standards, and incorporate civil engineering design into the intelligent co-ordination area, save construction and operating costs, provide operations and upgrade services, and divide operations through long-term operations.

Zhuzhou Shennong City is the largest commercial complex in Hunan. Bell Shine built 16 intelligent subsystems for Zhuzhou Shennong City, including intelligent perimeter, intelligent access control and barriers, smart parking, business intelligence and passenger flow statistics system VIDC room and emergency command system, i-BA intelligent building automation system, etc. , and gathered on the screen of the urban complex management platform, to improve the management efficiency from the aspects of safety, energy saving, investment promotion, services, and business restructuring.

For example, malls use POS machines as the front end to collect sales information of each operation site, supplemented by a passenger flow statistical analysis system, real-time monitoring of passenger flow statistics, intelligent analysis of bag handling rates and business data, and real-time control over the operations of Shennong City, opening up the front desk and Back-end information gap. This will provide the basis for the survival of the fittest and the restructuring of the business.

Bellsin has always been cautious in building smart city projects. Some companies, such as Yinjiang, are actively promoting its smart city general contracting business in the national market. From the end of 2013 to the end of September this year, Yinjiang has won the final package agreement for nine cities.

According to the study, the proportion of smart city construction contract models in first-tier cities is relatively small, and the construction of smart cities in second- and third-tier cities adopts the general package model or will become mainstream.

Data platform construction model

Another force that cannot be ignored in the construction of a smart city is the Chinese communications operator. In the construction of basic information such as networks, cloud computing centers, disaster recovery centers, and information terminals, local governments often use government-led, corporate, and social inputs as supplements. However, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, the three major operators are not willing to just do the pipeline, now and in the future still want to take advantage of the smart city's construction market.

Since the launch of the "Smart City" development strategy in September 2012, China Unicom has invested in the construction of 9 major data center production bases based on the three major networks of urban optical networks, WCDMA wireless networks and WLANs, and is based on unified national cloud computing. The smart city platform is the carrier, trying to become the service provider of the basic communication facilities, the provider of the smart city cloud carrier platform, the smart application and the aggregator of basic information data in the entire smart city industrial chain.

At present, China Unicom follows the development strategy of “co-construction, convergence, and openness” and has signed contracts with more than 200 cities for the construction of smart cities. The content of the contractual cooperation is focused on the application fields of mobile government affairs, intelligent transportation, smart medical care, urban security, environmental monitoring, smart education, and smart logistics.

At this year's 4th Smart City Expo, China Unicom demonstrated 16 industry application solutions.

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