Extremely simple decoration style features minimalist style decoration skills

The modern minimalist style of decoration is loved by everyone. It is in line with the aesthetics of modern people. It focuses on the use of space and matches the modern fast-paced lifestyle. At present, there is a minimalist decoration style on the market. It is an ultimate style. The simple style, then what are the characteristics of a very simple decoration style, What are the minimalist style decoration techniques, the following article will force everyone to introduce it.

Extremely simple decoration style features

1, emphasis on functionality

The minimalist style of decoration emphasizes utilitarianism more, emphasizes the depth and precision of materials, technology, and space. With the most concise design, it shows extremely profound connotations and everything is simple. In the case of satisfying people's daily functions, it has the simplest colors and Modeling will be the perfect match for space and characters, showing an extremely rich spatial effect.

2, curves and asymmetric lines

In the minimalist decoration , the space is mainly composed of curves and asymmetrical lines. It embodies the combination of the various lines, railings, and furniture on top of each other.

3, strong color

The minimalist style of decoration requires a strong color contrast. The simple style is mainly based on the bright colors of the colors, such as yellow, orange, white, red, etc. These are the colors commonly used in the minimalist style. These shades are not only The display of simple style is also a display of personality of modern young people.

4, without unnecessary decoration

In the process of extremely simple decoration, try not to use extra decoration, because any complex design and redundant decoration will not only affect the appearance but also increase the cost of decoration. We should choose each item to be functional, so Very simple style glass, metal materials, often used to.

Extremely simple style decoration skills

1, wall color

Extremely simple style pays more attention to those practical functions. Without too many decorative items, if you select those dark colors with low brightness on the color of the wall, it will create a sense of depression in the space and make people feel that the space is compressed. Therefore, it is best to choose bright colors for the color of the wall. This will have a certain degree of extension of the human vision and will make people feel more bright and open.

2, ceiling ceiling

In the minimalist decoration can only be those complex, luxurious chandeliers and frescoes are best not to use, minimalist style is simple and clear, pay attention to practical performance, to maximize the simple life, the ceiling is the best choice for those who are relatively thin and relatively small The decoration is not even possible with ceilings.

Article Summary: The above is about the characteristics of a minimalist decoration style and extremely minimalist style decoration techniques related to the presentation, hoping to give everyone in the decoration style of choice to provide some help, minimalist decoration simple fashion, lower cost, more suitable for those young The working class.

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