How to achieve high speed feed screw lift

The ball screw lifter is a type of screw lifter (spiral lifter) that converts rotary motion into linear motion or rotary motion into linear motion. It is the most common transmission component in precision machinery, and it is characterized by high precision, reversibility, high efficiency, and high speed, so it is now being used more and more widely.

So how does a ball screw lift achieve high speed supply? What is its working principle? Today, Demai Drive will explain it to everyone and hope to help everyone.

1. The ball screw adopts a driving torque of 1/3 ball screw. There are a lot of balls between the screw and the nut to do the rolling motion, so the higher the movement efficiency is. And its driving torque is one-third of the ordinary trapezoidal screw, that is, the required power is one-third of the trapezoidal screw elevator, can achieve energy-saving emission reduction.

2. The ball screw can be pressurized, and the pressure can make the axial clearance negative, resulting in high rigidity.

3. Because the ball screw is rolling friction, the starting torque is particularly small. Therefore, no crawling phenomenon will occur and the possibility of microfeeding can be achieved.

4. The ball screw can realize high-speed feed because of its high movement efficiency and low heat generation.

Ball screw lifts are very sophisticated and have received more and more customers' attention. The ball screw lifts produced by our company have better quality and higher transmission precision. If you need, please feel free to call or visit our factory. Demai Drive, a provider of professional linear drive solutions.

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