How clear water cement decoration water cement decoration What are the advantages

During the renovation, are you still spending a lot of money and energy on the wall of drums and drums? Whether it is a living room or a kitchen, as long as it is a wall, clear water cement can help you get it done. How about clear water cement decoration ? There are designers who answer this question: The fair-faced concrete is the most advanced form of expression in concrete materials. It shows a most essential sense of beauty and is more artistic than gold. Shimizu cement decoration effect is so great? Let Omido Home Xiaobian analyze the advantages of Qingshui cement decoration for you.


What is clear water cement decoration

Qingshui cement, also known as plain concrete, also known as decorative concrete, is named after its highly decorative effect. In fact, the plain concrete is made of ordinary concrete, but since its template process is very special, after the construction is completed, a substance similar to calcium silicate is formed on the surface of the concrete. The glass is very smooth, showing a rustic beauty. There is a feeling of "facelessness". The architects believe that this is a noble and simple, seemingly simple but more artistic than the magnificent.

World-famous architectural masters Pei-ming Ming and Tadao Ando have used clear-water concrete in their designs. The world-famous art public buildings such as Sydney’s Nagaradoro, the National Theatre of Japan, and the Prehistoric Museum of Paris all use this architectural art.


What are the advantages of clear water cement decoration?

1. Good decorative effect: The unique surface water effect can completely achieve the decorative effect of man-made stone and fair-faced concrete, giving a fresh and natural feeling, highlighting your noble identity and elegant taste.

2. Various shapes: Only the woodworking tools can be used in the construction to cool in winter and cool in summer. It is the first choice for indoor and outdoor walls of houses, office buildings, shops, clubs, hotels, schools, exhibition halls, etc. The plate can be cut, pierced or polished at random, and it can be used for various shapes such as slotting, carving, embossing and hollowing.

3. Construction is simple: construction is extremely convenient, dry construction method, mixed construction method, greatly improve the construction efficiency.

4. Humidification function: It can adjust the indoor humidity within a certain range, starting from good decoration materials.

5. Green: There are no materials used to release harmful gases such as glue during production.

6. Class A1 fire protection: It has good fire-retardant and fire-retardant properties, reaching the first-class flame-resistance level, and the gypsum board can only reach the fire-resistance level.

7. Thermal Insulation: Compared with sand and lime brick blocks, its thermal insulation performance has significant advantages.

8. Light waterproof: It can effectively reduce the cost of foundation and structure, and has the functions of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-ant.

9. Sound-absorbing and sound-insulating: Using the friction generated when sound waves pass through the non-through-hole structure inside the material, the energy of the sound is converted into heat energy, thereby playing the role of sound absorption and greatly improving the sound insulation performance of the system.


How about clear water cement decoration ? Does the effect suit your taste? Anyway, Omido Xiao Bian felt that the house decorated with clear water cement had a moment of art. After reading the decoration effect of Shimizu Cement, he wanted to find out more about the contents of his home and he could pay attention to the GO Home Information Channel.

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