How to look at the home budget?

Now for those who do not have fitting-out experience, it is usually necessary to formulate a doctor's decoration budget quotations form when doing home renovations. This will allow you to clearly understand the costs of renovations, so that your own psychological bottom, decoration budget quotes How do you look at the table ? What should you watch out for in your home budget? Here's an introduction to it.

How to see the decoration budget quotation form

1, the user get a quote renovation budget tables, you need to look at the material details, look at your main material and the auxiliary main material brand, material, model, DPM and DPM brand, material, model should be Know.

2. It needs to be calculated based on the actual area of ​​your house, usually in the order of half of the package: the cost of hard mounting is less than 10% of the actual area. The labor cost is ≤10% to 15%. Such 100 square meters of the house, hard-installed costs ≤ 10W yuan, labor costs ≤ 1W-5W yuan, the user can refer to this price scale, the specific Ken may have some fluctuations.

3. In the column of the total price, find 3 single items with relatively large amount of money. Look at why the price is so expensive. Where does the money go? If you look at the decoration budget report, there will be such an idea. , it is very likely that the price here is flawed.

4, to find a relatively large single amount, the material details of the review, if we are in the review of similar items, you can use the sum method, that is, the decoration of the same material or process together, calculate the material The amount of the entire amount.

5, if you do not understand the decoration of the budget quotation table , you can consult with your decoration consultant, where there is some ambiguous place in the quotation, you need to immediately put forward to the decoration company.

Home decoration budget to pay attention to what

1. Calculate the equity account

The decoration cost is a very flexible fee in the decoration contract. When signing a contract with a decoration company, it must be counted as its own equity account. The decoration cost paid to the decoration company needs to be determined according to the difficulty of decoration, decoration level, past performance, etc. . The decoration contract specifies the materials and time for the renovation, and specific provisions have to be made for the time of home improvement, the progress of the renovation, and the payment method.

2, calculate a good design account

If the user designs his own house mainly based on economy and practicality, then he can design his own. If he wants to pursue the space utilization, the personality and artistic decoration, it is best to ask a professional designer to design. The design cost will probably occupy the total amount of renovation. About 5%-15%, users need to consider clearly before making a decision. When a single designer submits a sketch to the owner, he needs to consult the decoration effect and ask for details of the decoration design.

The article concludes: The above is about how to look at the decoration budget quotation form and what the relevant attention should be paid to the home improvement budget. I hope to be able to provide some help to those friends who want to decorate. The owner must make a precise budget for the decoration in order to ensure his own The cost is applied to a reasonable place.

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