Tea shop decoration style which tea shop decoration how much money

In recent years, the business of tea shop has been very popular, so more and more people want to open a tea shop. However, although the overall size of the tea shop is small, business in most areas is very hot, especially on pedestrian streets and campuses. So what is the style of tea shop decoration? How much money for tea shop decoration? Here we take a look at some of the decoration style and price of tea shop!

First, what are the styles of tea shop decoration ?

1, casual style tea shop

Leisure-style tea shops are mainly characterized by “casual”, so they must be displayed in terms of store name, decoration style, and address. In fact, the scale of casual-style tea shops is relatively small, and the average store can be around 80 square meters. For this style of tea shop, the consumers will usually be lovers, so you can work on the tea samples.

2, Volkswagen fashion style tea shop

In fact, expensive rents and extremely high-risk features often deter many investors. However, the popular fashion style tea shop has a lot of room for development. In terms of service, not only delicious milk tea drinks, but also Chinese and Western cuisine with various flavors, it can attract more consumers.

3, cultural style tea shop

The cultural style tea shop requirement must have a unique address, and it can neither be in the downtown nor in the bustling area, because its goal is not the fast-moving young people. It is aimed at some successful people with a graceful attitude, so it has a very high demand for cultural atmosphere.

Second, how much money for a tea shop decoration?

What is the style of tea shop decoration ? I believe we all know it well! However, many people do not know how much money to decorate the tea shop? Everyone, please look at the following analysis:

1. It is worth noting that the price of a decorated tea shop does not have an accurate figure at all. Among them, the decoration of the tea shop mainly in these areas need to spend: water circuit, door, wall treatment, ceiling and floor tiles soft decoration, flowers, grass, picture frame wall, false windows, desk lamp wall lamp and so on.

2, according to the survey, the cost of decoration tea shop is generally between tens of thousands to more than ten million; high-end decoration costs generally between tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars; of course, some of the luxury tea shop decoration total cost It may also cost millions of dollars! Therefore, in order to know the cost of decorating your tea shop, everyone must be aware of the quality of the tea shop decoration!

The article concludes: The above has revealed to you the secrets of the tea shop decoration style , as well as the tea shop decoration how much money related knowledge, hoping to give everyone some help! In fact, the tea shop decoration style is different, the popularity will be Differences in the world, so everyone must choose the style of decoration for their own tea shop!


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