Brief Analysis of the Development Status of Bearings in China

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Brief Analysis of the Development Status of Bearings in China

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-25

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Bearing and bearing steel skills and production levels are critical to the functional quality of the mainframe; high-performance, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long-life, high-reliability and other functional requirements are very high. Together with the host manufacturers in each The higher and higher demand and harsh conditions and the low price.
China's bearing profession has been carried out until now; it has appropriate production planning and high skill and quality level. There are more than 1,500 bearing companies with certain planning; the number of employees has grown to nearly 800,000; the annual output of bearings has been from 1949. The 138,000 sets have been added to the current 2 billion sets; the number of bearing types has been increased from more than 100 to more than 7,000; the standard is more than 28,000. For the past 10 years, foreign famous bearings (such as SKF, FAG, NSK, NBM, KOYO, TIMKEN, TORRINGTON, etc.) successively invested and set up factories in China; the progress of bearing skill level in China; the standard of production technology and production management, the modernization of production level, the quality of products and the improvement of application function It has a great push effect.
But on the other hand; China's bearing production companies also face fierce competition and competition from well-known foreign bearing companies; their achievements will accelerate the adjustment of the industrial structure and product structure of China's bearing industry; it can be said that the opportunity and the coexistence of the battle, production and Carry out the same. How to seize the opportunity; improve the company's livelihood ability; how to continue to live together in the livelihood, rapid development is a problem that can not escape in the face of China's bearing profession, can not escape.
At present, China's bearing output has reached more than 2 billion sets; the output has exceeded 20 billion yuan; the annual export volume has exceeded 770 million sets; the export earned about 700 million US dollars; the international ranking 4th; and 70% of the domestic demand products. Above; meet the required quantity of more than 90%; export volume is also added with a higher share.
In China, we have entered the ranks of international bearing production countries; we must also see that there are still problems of low, scattered and poor bearing industry; generally miniature, small, medium and small deep groove ball bearings are still produced at many low levels; Oversupply. Because the competition in the shopping mall is fierce; the price war is getting worse. If this situation continues for a long time; it is necessary to affect the entire bearing professional skills transformation and skill advancement; affecting the international reputation of bearing products in China; severely restricting the health of China's bearing industry Carry out.
Bearings with strict quality requirements and high skill added value still require a lot of imports. For example, car bearings, high-speed, quasi-high-speed railway locomotive bearings; various imported equipment repair bearings; some high precision, high added value and under special working conditions The special bearing supply used is large; the bearing products produced in China have a large distance from foreign famous companies in terms of function and price ratio, high precision, low noise, long life and high reliability.
Rolling bearing parts should be under the stress state and high stress value such as stretching, shrinking, tortuosity, shearing, alternating, etc.; work at high speed and for a long time. Therefore; the requirements for rolling bearings are:
1) resistance to plastic deformation;
2) anti-collision and wear function;
3) High rotation accuracy and scale accuracy;
4) good dimensional stability;
5) Long service life and high reliability.
In order to meet the above requirements for the functions required for rolling bearings; the following basic functional requirements are proposed for bearing steel data:
1) high touch fatigue strength;
2) After heat treatment, it should have high hardness or hardness that can meet the functional requirements of the bearing;
3) high wear resistance and low conflict coefficient;
4) high elastic limit;
5) outstanding impact toughness and fracture toughness;
6) Outstanding dimensional stability;
7) Outstanding rust prevention function;
8) Outstanding cold and hot processing functions.
The quality bump of the bearing steel data plays a vital role in the processing quality, service life and reliability of the bearing products. Currently; following the rapid development of China's bearing industry; the number of bearing products matching the domestic host manufacturers Or the number of external exports; each year is increased at a relatively large growth rate; the demand for bearing steel is the same as a larger share. According to incomplete statistics; the annual demand for bearing steel in China has reached 1.5 million in recent years. About tons (including high carbon chromium bearing steel, carburized bearing steel, stainless bearing steel and special bearing steel).
At present; the oxygen content of bearing steel produced by special steel mills in most domestic countries can meet the requirements of the new national standard; the oxygen content of die-cast bearing steel produced by special steel mills with good quality bearing steel can be controlled in the range of 9-20ppm. The oxygen content in the continuous casting bearing steel can be controlled within the range of 6-10ppm. It can be seen that the oxygen content in the bearing steel produced by the special steel producers in China is close to the level of the advanced countries producing bearing steel.
In the past few years, the No. 5 Steel Plant sent the personally produced die-cast bearing steel to SKF for inspection and obtained the company's certification. Jiangsu Xingcheng Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. has also obtained internationally from SKF, FAG, NSK, NTN, etc. Known as the bearing company's certification or promised that their bearing manufacturers in China use the bearing steel produced by the factory to make bearing parts.
However, we have seen the remarkable achievements in these years; we should also be very clear about the status quo of China's bearing steel quality. The quality level of bearing steel produced by China's bearing steel slows the quality stability of bearing steel produced by various manufacturers. In terms of; there is still a large distance from the quality level of developed countries.
Due to the entry of foreign famous bearing production companies; and the adjustment of the industrial structure of China's bearing industry; in the bearing products made in China; high-skilled additions such as automotive bearings, railway locomotive bearings, machine tool spindle bearings, metallurgical machinery, and household appliances The ratio of the value of the bearing will be greatly increased; due to the high precision, low noise, long life and high reliability of these bearings; will be higher demand for the metallurgical quality of the bearing steel used. Bearing company In the measurement of the quality of the bearing products; in addition to the processing quality and service life of the bearing; the reliability of the bump is the most important measure. With the development of China's shopping mall economy and continuous improvement; everyone's demand for product quality is getting higher and higher The applicators of various products are more and more critical to the product; they attach great importance to the advancement and reliability of the purchased products; this makes the products required by the demanding bearing production company to use the bearing function and reliability. Demand is becoming more stringent; for many mechanical products; the function and reliability of the bearings are directly Discussing the application function and reliability of its products. Therefore, China's bearing and bearing steel production companies should carry out new situations and new demands according to the bearing profession; change the satisfaction of the past and the current situation, and only need to produce output, it will not sell. Concepts; abundantly know that if the bearings and bearing steels produced in China are still at the current level of quality; in the near future, the predictions of foreign markets occupying Chinese shopping malls become actual. At present, the annual import of bearings and bearing steels in China is constantly added. A strong testimony. Therefore, we must know that shopping malls have no national boundaries; there is no national border in the face of quality; it is not feasible to use the "to be patriotic" as a prophecy to protect backwardness!
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