How can a wealthy place be placed at home?

God of Finance, as the name suggests, he is the god who is in charge of money and invites him into the house. The gas will roll over. Almost all people who do business will be enshrined in the God of Wealth, some families will also be dedicated to the God of Wealth, and what will be the emphasis on the location of the God of Wealth ? What kind of taboos need to pay attention to the God of Wealth? Let's take a look with the furniture network Xiaobian today.

How Gods of Fortune Place the Most Lucky

1, Cai Xingjun:

The appearance of a very rich state, the face of the elderly white long-sweat, wearing a silk belt tied with a jade belt, the left hand holding gold ingot, the right hand holding a lucky roll into the treasure sleeve.
According to the people, he is the Taibai star in the sky, belongs to the god of gold and can control all the gold and silver money in the world. A large number of wealth seekers respected him very much, and even had incense offerings day and night.

2, Fushou Samsung:

Fuxing holds a child in her hand and symbolizes having everything to do; Lu Xing wears a luxurious dynasty dress, and holds a handful of jade and ruyi, symbolizing the addition of officialdom to the Grand Prix, which can increase his wealth and increase his life. The longevity star holds a peach in his hand and reveals a very peaceful smile. Symbolizes longevity and well-being.

Lu Xing in Samsung is a God of Wealth, because Samsung is a trinity, so the three will be enshrined together and need to be placed on financial positions. The God of Wealth needs to be placed in the position of the Sheng Wang in the house, and cannot be placed in the dead. The position can't carry the bathroom.

3, Wu wealth God:

There are two kinds, namely, the black-faced, dark-faced Zhao Gongming, and the second, the red-faced long-living Guan Gong.

There is a difference between the direction of Wencai God and Wu Fortuna. The Wencao God is full of peace and harmony. It is suitable for being placed in the interior of your house, and it is not possible to go out of the house. Outside the house is the meaning of giving money outside the house. The majestic Wucai God should face the outside of the house, or face the door, so that they can enter the house and they can guard the house and prevent evils from entering.


How can the wealthy family be more profitable

First, Wencai God placed position

(1) Wencai God is placed beside the gate and is not facing the gate

The Wencai God will be placed in the two right and left positions near the house gate. The two Wencai gods, Lulu Shou Samsung and Caifu Xingjun must face toward the house in order to make a fortune. If you go outside the door, it will lead to leakage of financial resources at home.

(2) Wencai God is also placed in the home

The Wencai God needs to be placed in the family's lucky position. If we adjust the direction of the God of Wealth on a daily basis, the effect will be better.

(3) Wencai God should not be placed in an unclean place

The God of Wealth is placed in a clean place. It is not appropriate for toilets, doors, dining tables and bedrooms. Otherwise, there will be disrespect for the God of Wealth.

(4) The God of Wealth should not be placed with his ancestors

It is not appropriate for many people to put the God of Wealth together with their ancestors for convenience. The God of Wealth is the god of the gods, and the ancestors are the gods of the household.

(5) Wencai God can be placed with Wu Guishen

When placing the God of Wealth in the home, two Wencai Gods can be placed on the left or right, or they can be placed together with the thought of Wu God of Wealth, and they must not be placed with two Wu Cai Gods. Otherwise, there is no more home and no peace.


Second, Huang Caishen's placement:

Huang Caishen, the chief wealth officer, can make all sentient beings free from all poverty and disasters, increase all good laws and wealth, and become rich and comfortable.

Its merits: It can increase prosperity, longevity, wisdom, material and spiritual benefits. When Sakyamuni Buddha proclaimed the Great Prajna in Lingbi Mountain, the devils and gods all came to the obstacles, and the mountains collapsed. The public panicked and Huang Caishen appeared in shelters. Help all poverty-stricken beings and protect the law. Sincerely

The mantra of the Yellow Fortune God can get his shelter and can make a lot of money, eliminating poverty and all economic difficulties. If you can have the highest bodhicitta, and you are willing to save all beings from poverty, then Ford can do more.

Third, Wu God of wealth placed:

Wu God of Wealth is the “Kuan Erye”, holding the Dragon Dragonfly knife, awe-inspiring righteousness makes the demons cold and shuddering, generally guarding the door, its feng shui position to face the door, you can see outside the house, you can not only protect the peace of the town house, but also can be a source of wealth Enter;

In today's era, people are eager to get a lot of spiritual enjoyment while pursuing the material level, especially in terms of money. Therefore, many people are placing their gods in their homes. Everyone needs to understand that Fortuna is a small part of Wangcai. Your wealth is also determined by a variety of factors. Therefore, other factors must be taken into account, especially in ordinary life, which is a good time for people to communicate. I hope that my friends will pay more and more good friends at this time, and make you keep fortunes in your life, make your fortune, and make your career flourish and take you to the next level.


Home Fortune Placement Precautions

The location of the God of Wealth should pay attention to the following points. Otherwise, God of Wealth will not make money for your family.

1. Whether it is Wencai God or Wu Cai Shenye's placement, they cannot face the toilet, the kitchen, or the dining table. Nor can you take the toilet and the kitchen, the dining table.

2. Wencai God can only face the door and cannot face it.

3, God of Wealth cannot be placed in the bedroom. Nor can the God of Wealth see dirty things, such as rolling sheets and so on.

4. The worship of the God of Wealth is the same as that of the Buddha.

5, God of Wealth and many gods will not bless those who do bad things, but will also punish.

6, Guan Erye will not bless the people who are not loyal, but also please Guan Erye when you want to close your eyes Guan Erye, and even Guan Erye's knife also pay attention.

The above content is the location of the home god of wealth arranged by Xiaobian. In the end how to put the family Fortune God better, I believe you should understand through these content it, hope that these contents can help you.

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