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TORRINGTON company bearing make up code (1)

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-02-13

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TORRINGTON spherical roller bearing make up code. Here only analyze the rear bearing code of spherical roller bearing (1) cage and its data BR-bronze cage CJ-steel cage (without rib)
VCJ-nylon cage VJ-steel cage (with ribs)
(2) Internal layout W33 - oil groove and 3 oil filling holes on the outer ring (3) external layout and outer dimensions K-conical hole; taper 1:12
(4) Oil gap C2 is smaller than C0 group oil gap C0-Specification group oil gap C3- is larger than C0 group oil gap C4- is larger than C3 group oil gap C5- is larger than C4 group oil gap C08-; outer ring has high rotation Precision TORRINGTON needle roller bearings make up the code 1. The stamped ferrule needle bearing is in the code of the stamped ferrule bearing; the front code indicates that the bearing is a metric or imperial nominal scale and its primary layout characteristics.
For example; the metric nominal-size bearing is indicated by the pre-code F. The absence of the letter F in the pre-code indicates the nominal bearing of the inch.
Most standard bearings are available with full needles; they also have cages. When using cages; bearings are indicated by the pre-code J.
Many standard bearings can use two different sections. Large sections are indicated by the preamble H. No letter H indicates a small section.
Other preambles indicating the primary layout characteristics are:
M-blind hole type P-small through hole; with cage T-single-sided seal TT-double-sided seal G-superfine addition to the above; there are some other letter codes indicating special variants
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