Suzhou Sterling Scaffolding Operation Department

Suzhou City Sterling Scaffolding Rental Operations Department is engaged in the sale and rental of various door scaffolding; scaffolding and steel scaffolding; professionally undertake scaffolding construction. Provide one-stop service for scaffolding installation, erection, demolition and distribution, transportation, etc. At the same time, the company is involved in the sale of related businesses such as yellow sand, cement and stone. Companies adhering to the "integrity-based, customer first" business principles, to win the market with reliable product quality, reasonable price, from the customer's point of view, customer satisfaction. In the business philosophy of "respective cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", we will develop and grow, serve the society, and get good reviews in the industry.

Through nearly ten years of work practice and experience accumulation, the company already has a group of well-trained and experienced professional construction personnel; accurate and professional budget staff; untiring and dedicated engineers. The company can be qualified for high-rise and large-scale scaffolding construction projects, and can provide technical erection and demolition solutions for construction units, accurate material budget, and ensure the smooth and safe completion of construction. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with many construction companies and decoration companies in and outside the city, and has gradually become a well-known scaffolding comprehensive service provider with a reputation in Suzhou.

Suzhou City Sterling Scaffolding Rental Operation Department undertakes high-altitude interior and exterior wall decoration, plant construction, factory ventilation pipe installation, large-scale conference exhibition stage decoration, large outdoor advertising installation, electric power, street lighting, communication, garden, transportation, cleaning, equipment maintenance Wait for the erection and dismantling of the required scaffolding. Sales, rental of scaffolding, sales of yellow sand, cement, stone. The products are reasonably priced and of good quality and are sold to Suzhou, Kunshan, Wujiang, Taicang, Changshu, Wuxi, Shanghai and Nanjing.

In the development and growth of the company, the company has formed an enterprise framework with clear division of labor, complete service departments and comprehensive technology. With the tenet of “carefulness, concentration and sincerity”, we will treat every project with care, concentrate on each task, and sincerely face every customer. Dedicated to the construction industry customers to provide quality services.

   Business scope: sales, rental of mobile scaffolding, steel pipe scaffolding;

Set up and install mobile scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding;

Contracting mobile scaffolding steel pipe scaffolding construction and demolition;

Sale of yellow sand, cement, stones.

Services: Suzhou, Changshu, Wujiang, Kunshan, Taicang, Wuxi, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places.

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