Reasonable application of trichlorfon

Trichlorfon (C4H8O4Cl3P) is an organophosphorus ester compound, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low toxicity, low residual amount and short residual time in fish disease control. According to the China Pesticide Network , in order to reduce and avoid the occurrence of parasite resistance to trichlorfon and improve the use of trichlorfon in a safe concentration range, the following measures can be taken:
(1) Rotational medication to prevent parasitic fish disease, do not use a drug of trichlorfon for a long time, in order to cut off the formation of a pathogen resistant population.
(2) Combined drug use can not only cure pests and diseases, increase drug efficiency, reduce costs, but also significantly overcome and inhibit the development of drug resistance. Such as: 90% crystal trichlorfon and ferrous sulfate mixture (0.5: 0.2) 0.25ppm to prevent the occurrence of 鲢 鳋 ; ; ; ;; 90% crystal trichlorfon and noodle mixture (1: 0.6) 0.25ppm can kill three generations Insects, ringworms.
(3) Enhance the efficacy of trichlorfon in order to enhance the efficacy of trichlorfon and reduce the resistance of parasites to it. In addition to strict control of symptomatic medication and careful use of drugs, rational compatibility synergist is also one of the ways to improve efficacy.
The rational application of trichlorfon in the fish disease prevention and control process how to use trichlorfon reasonably is a common concern in fishery production. The reasonable use of trichlorfon mainly pays attention to the following points:
(1) control of parasites trichlorfon fish diseases, it should be different depending on the pH and water pathogens objects appropriately adjusted dose pesticide spraying, the pH of the water can be slightly increased when the administration amount of 6.5-7, the pH The dosage can be reduced at 8-9.
(2) In order to improve the prevention and treatment of fish diseases and reduce drug resistance, drugs should be used in rotation.
(3) When applying trichlorfon, do not add alkaline substances or wash with alkaline water to prevent the formation of more toxic methoxydichloroethylene phosphate to avoid poisoning of livestock and fish.
(4) The original drug of trichlorfon is acidic. When spraying, it is better not to use metal container to avoid corrosion. If metal sprayer is used, it must be washed with water in time.

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