How to prevent and cure edible fungus based rot

The pathogen is Pythium. It belongs to flagellate and is a parasitic disease. It damages the base of the mushroom and causes the base of the fruit body to rot. It produces a layer of white hairy mold and hyphae in the diseased part.
In the germination period, the bacteria are also likely to contaminate the culture material. The symptom of the pollution is that black cells are found in the middle of the culture material, and the black areas vary in size from a few centimeters to more than 1 meter. The adjacent areas are well-developed, so it is difficult to be Found and ignored. The bacteria generally occur in areas with high nitrogen content, and the culture material is contaminated by the bacteria, and the yield is reduced, especially the first and second mushroom. However, the subsequent tidal yields have rebounded because the mushroom hyphae have grown into the black zone when the nitrogen content is lowered.
Pesticide control methods: When accumulating culture materials, the cake fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer should be evenly mixed. Care should be taken when adding nutrients in the late stage of the mushroom to ensure that the nutrients are evenly distributed in the material. The diseased mushrooms were found to be removed in time, and a 1 liter aqueous solution of mercury was sprayed in the ward; or the paper was covered in the ward, and 2% aqueous formaldehyde solution was sprayed on the paper every other day.

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