How to choose electric water heater?

In the face of the market's dazzling array of electric water heaters, many consumers often feel at a loss. How to choose a satisfactory, safe and durable electric water heater? In fact, as long as you pay attention to the following points when purchasing, it is not difficult to choose an electric water heater.

First, important components and key performance

1, choose the right liner

The electric water heater liner is the key to the quality of the electric water heater. At present, the electric water heater liner can be roughly divided into three grades: stainless steel liner, enamel liner, and galvanized liner.

The highest grade and longest life is the stainless steel liner. The stainless steel inner tank is made of high-quality imported stainless steel material, and the advanced tungsten argon arc welding can eliminate the oxidation of the weld seam and has a service life of more than 15 years. This product is more expensive and suitable for families with more economical conditions.

The mid-range is the enamel liner. It is widely used in European countries. It is made by baking a layer of inorganic ceramic glaze on ordinary steel plates. It does not rust and costs only 1/6-1/4 of the cost of stainless steel liners. There are high requirements for the manufacturing process, such as the blue diamond liner used by the US brand, the inner liner after welding is pre-sanded by the inner surface, and the enamel adsorption force is increased. The most advanced 360-degree 3-dimensional rotary boring machine using wet enamel is adopted. The glaze slurry is evenly adsorbed on the inner surface of the inner liner, so that the inside of the inner liner is truly omnidirectional, and the enamel covering is protected by no dead angle, the coverage rate is over 99.99%, and then the 850 degree high temperature calcination is integrated with the inner wall of the inner liner. . With such high process requirements, the average manufacturer is often discouraged because of the technical barrier. Because of its high cost performance and mature technology, the fourth generation of electric water heaters on the market are generally using this type of liner, and the price of their products is more in line with the requirements of most Chinese families.

Compared with the low-grade galvanized liner coating curing resin, since the inner liner is in a heating environment of 70-80 ° C, the solidified tree refers to an easy hydrolysis reaction, and the zinc protective layer has poor anti-rust ability and short service life. Due to low production costs, the price is also low. This type of product has been basically eliminated in the market.

2, there is a comprehensive safety protection device

Since the use of electric water heaters is related to the personal safety of consumers, the choice of electric water heaters must pay attention to safety performance. Electric water heaters should generally have ground protection, anti-dry, anti-over-temperature, anti-overpressure devices, high-grade leakage protection and automatic disconnection without water and additional power-off indication. The water heater tank pressure rating is generally 0.75 MPa. When the internal pressure of the overpressure protection device reaches the rated value, the safety valve should be automatically opened to relieve pressure to ensure safety. The leakage protection device generally requires that the power supply can be quickly cut off within 0.1 seconds when the leakage current reaches 15 mA. The ultra-long anti-electric wall is one of the more characteristic leakage protection functional products in the type products. To purchase products with the Great Wall Safety Sign.

3, the insulation effect should be good enough

The key to affecting the power consumption of water heaters is the insulation effect, which should be considered when purchasing. The main factors affecting the insulation effect are the thickness of the insulation layer and the density of the insulation material. Consumers should try to choose products with a large thickness of the moisture layer and a high density of the insulation material.

At present, the new fourth-generation electric water heater adopts advanced polyurethane integral foaming technology to form a dense foam layer, and the insulation layer is integrally formed to further reduce heat loss. The overall foaming layer of polyurethane is 4-6cm thick. In practice, the power can be removed for up to 2-3 days.

Second, the capacity selection

The capacity selection mainly considers factors such as household inlet and hot water consumption. A rated capacity of 30-40 liters of electric water heater, suitable for 3-4 people for continuous bathing; 40-50 liters of water heater for 4-5 people for continuous bathing; 70-90 liters of water for 5-6 people for continuous bathing use.

Many fourth-generation electric heating products adopt the capacity-increasing technology, and the total amount of hot water is equivalent to 4 times the volume! For example, the beautiful e+ compatibilization technology, the circuit intelligent sensing control system senses the temperature change in the inner tank and controls it. The system realizes the alternating heating of the water storage type heating pipe and the quick heating heating pipe in the inner tank, and finally achieves the purpose and effect of the capacity increase. Practice shows that the e+ compatibilization technology is used to extend the bathing time by 10 minutes! In the normal mode, the 60L hot water is 184L, the e+ capacity is 235L, and the hot water is 50L. That is to say, if there is a capacity-increasing technology, even if the capacity is low, it can be considered as appropriate.

Third, additional features

1, the constant temperature function. An advanced magnetization thermostat is added to the water outlet of the water heater to solve the problem of water temperature, cold and heat, and to avoid burn accidents.

2, disk function. A magnetic field is formed inside the magnetizer to increase the activity of the water and have a health effect on the human body.

3, anti-corrosion and descaling function. Since the water heater usually works at a water temperature of 70-80 degrees, the descaling function is particularly important.

Fourth, the brand selection

Consumers must examine the brand and after-sales service level of electric water heaters. The quality of brand-name products is generally good, after-sales, and they can enjoy a series of services such as door-to-door installation and free machines. For example, a big brand like Midea should be a reference for consumers' brand coordinates.

Five, purchase considerations

1, visual inspection. The outer surface baking varnish should be uniform, bright and lustrous, no detachment, no dents or severe scratches, squeezing marks, etc.; various switches and knobs are beautiful in appearance and fine in processing; the dial should be clear.

2. Strictly prevent counterfeit and shoddy products. Counterfeit and shoddy products often use counterfeit trademarks and armor or branded brands to impersonate imported goods. Such products generally have a rough appearance, and the temperature rises slowly after power-on, which does not meet the standard requirements.

Six, the accessories must be complete

When the power is tested and the temperature is checked, the temperature is set to a certain value. When the set value is reached, the electric water heater can automatically power off or convert the power. If the above requirements are met, the thermostat has good temperature performance, otherwise it is not normal.

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