Wear a mask to prevent haze? That is your wishful thinking

Anti-fog and smog masks are difficult to prevent PM2.5, this is true

The haze is raging and the means of flood prevention are multifarious. Anti-haze masks are one of them. However, many netizens are doubtful about the function of anti-haze masks. So, anti-haze masks in the end useful? The reporter decided to personally verify.


The reporter randomly purchased seven masks of different styles and materials. However, the masks on the masks were marked with the words “prevention” and “filter PM2.5” without exception. Subsequently, the reporter took seven samples and went to the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Beijing Institute of Fashion to use the TSI particle detector to measure the concentration of particles.

The inspector first used the instrument to measure the PM2.5 value in the room, and then used a mask to cover the metal probe of the instrument. After 2 minutes, the PM2.5 value was compared with the change. The test results showed that 7 sample masks and filter materials used exceeded the blocking rate by 90%.

However, it is not enough to rely solely on materials to prevent haze. The key lies in the design of masks. When the experiment was repeated, the inspector added a funnel, which fits the body's breathing, on the barrier material and fixed it with a rubber band to simulate the state of wearing a mask on the face. After repeated testing, it was found that among the 7 samples, some masks were designed to take into account the differences in the facial structure of the human body, leaving only an adjustable space, the barrier efficiency is relatively high, up to about 80%; while some masks and facial masks Adhesion is not enough, the blocking rate is only 36%.

【in conclusion】

It seems that anti-fog and smog masks are hard to prevent smog. This is true. In addition, experts said that the mask is a physical barrier to flood control, even if the mask is very good barrier effect, it can only work on mild fog, when the fog is severe, alone mask can not be effective protection.

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