11 precautions for pesticide preparation

1. Read the instructions and label contents of the pesticide product carefully to determine the dosage and use method under local conditions;
2, the liquid preparation should carefully calculate the dosage and dosage of the preparation to avoid errors;
3. The amount of preparation after calculation should be extracted strictly according to the specified amount. Liquid medicines should be scaled with gauges, and solid medicines should be weighed with scales. Advocating factory product packaging has convenient conditions for quantitative extraction. Can not use the bottle cap to pour medicine or drink bucket to dispense medicine;
4. It is not advisable to use the comprehensive management as the reason, and all kinds of medicines should be mixed and sprayed at the same time, if necessary, under the guidance of experts;
5, can not use the bucket of syrup directly to the ditch, river to take water; can not be hand-incorporated into the liquid or powder to stir, can not be directly contacted with granules by hand, if the spray is blocked, can not be directly blown with the mouth;
6, to open pesticides, preparation and use to wear certain protective equipment; drugs should be safe to store, away from children;
7. Pregnant women and lactating women cannot participate in dispensing and spraying pesticides;
8. Dispensing instruments are generally required to be used exclusively, and should be washed after each use. Do not rinse in rivers, streams, or wells;
9. A small number of remaining and discarded pesticides should be buried deep into the pit. It is recommended to treat pesticide packaging as required;
10. Be careful when handling powder to prevent dust from flying;
11, the sprayer should not be installed too full, so as to avoid leakage of liquid. The day is well matched and the day is used up.

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