The Ministry of Agriculture launches the "safety production month"

On May 27, the Ministry of Agriculture launched the "Safety Production Month" campaign in Beijing. Bi Meijia, chief economist of the Ministry of Agriculture, and director of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and deputy director of the Safety Production Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, presided over the launching ceremony and made arrangements for the “Safety Month” campaign and recent safety production work. He emphasized that it is necessary to study and implement the important discourse about General Secretary Xi Jinping’s work safety work through the activity, further strengthen the “red line” awareness and promote safe development; start from the institutional mechanism, comprehensively search for work loopholes, conduct in-depth investigation and control of safety hazards, and gradually establish Safe production of long-term mechanism; to carry out activities in conjunction with solid work in the flood season.

Bi Meijia requested that all units should attach great importance to and organize carefully. Leading cadres should organize themselves and take the lead in participating in activities. It is necessary to increase propaganda and timely discover and report advanced models of safe production. It is necessary to mobilize the participation of a large number of cadres and workers to form an upsurge of mass production safety activities. We must make overall plans for coordination and implementation, ensure that the activities are effective, and promote the improvement of agricultural safety production.

The launching ceremony invited experts to give lectures on "people-oriented and safe for the day." More than 400 people from the Ministry of Agriculture and directly subordinate units in Beijing participated in the launch ceremony.

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