Safe mission should suit the people's taste

Recently, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, patrol subversive serious way of preaching, launched on the WeChat platform with a local Henan dialect singing "dissuade drunk driving Divine Comedy" - "white put this mess", attracted tens of thousands of users of the mad Point and forward, I also listened several times in a row. This satirized drunk driving "Tuoge" was referred to by netizens as "a goddess song that could not be stopped." While laughing at the same time, he truly realized the dangers of drunk driving and played a role in propaganda and education.

"White chaos, white chaos, and white chaos are out of order! How long have the guys gathered together for a long time, and then the white wine, the red cockroach, and the potato, let go. I'll give you a drink under the table this evening... ...I don't drink, I don't drink, why don't I go to bed? Before I waited for God, the police came to the children... "The White Lay Here is a mess." With a coherent story, the "protagonist" at the wine table The arrogance of the police, the frustrations captured by the police, and the final repentance, intuitively admonished the drunk driver to face the punishment of the law.The song was written in local dialects and incorporated popular elements such as animation, rap, and rock and was hailed by netizens as " The alarm bell “Divine Comedy” that teases interest, “wake up” and “raise the child” has achieved the same frequency resonance between the police and the people.

The masses like it is the absolute truth. The reason why "Let's get out of here" is so popular is that it truly suits the tastes of the masses. First of all, the song material comes from practice, it is the real experience and portrayal of the police in the investigation of drunk driving. At the same time, the songs are not serious and there are no hard words such as “forbidden,” “not allowed,” “forbidden,” and the serious faces of the traffic police must be changed to use popular and local dialects in the form of songs that the crowd likes. Interpretation of the dangers of drunk driving. Really using the masses and speaking the masses, close to the masses, and affixing the masses to the masses, solved the problems of the masses “be nice, listen, watch, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love”. Resonance makes people educated in laughter, and is warned in answering doubts and answers. In the “grounding gas”, it wins audiences and gathers popularity.

How to cook up a safe missionary meal suitable for the people's tastes? This requires us to keep in mind the purpose of "people-oriented" and always stand on the stand of the masses and constantly innovate in the way we teach. Some places, like the Zhengzhou Traffic Police, have done many useful explorations and innovations, and have achieved gratifying results. For example, a coal mine in Anyang, Henan Province, changed its previous “spoon-feeding” style of preaching and collected accidents in recent years. All of them were written as novels, changing accidents into stories, and accompanied by rhyming titles. The accidents around you alert everyone. At the same time, the mine safety work will also invite victims of accident victims or illegal miners as the "protagonist", so that they appear at the meeting to preach, to truly tell about the serious consequences of the accident caused to the family, and its warning far more than the leadership of preaching. The mine has achieved safe production for many years.

Adhering to the mass line is a prerequisite for doing everything. Therefore, the safe way of propaganda that suits the tastes of the masses is the best way.

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