What are the errors in the decoration process that can be avoided?

During the renovation process, many landlords are decorating for the first time and do not understand anything. There will be some unsatisfactory things more or less, leaving some home improvement regrets. If so, how can we avoid these regrets? Xiao Bian will introduce it to you today!

  Part1: Pay attention to material misunderstanding

The selection of materials is the first step in home improvement. Buying good materials is just like having home renovations on the starting line. However, due to the lack of understanding of professional knowledge, mistakes in material selection often lead to confusion.

Misunderstanding 1: When valuing decoration, often many people will pay attention to patterns and styles

For example, wallpaper patterns, colors, or patterns of wall tiles neglect their quality and applicability. Finally, the result of the renovation was poor, and even the material was not applicable.

Xiao Bian Weapons: For the value of the style, the decoration master suggested that before the selection of building materials must consider their own needs, you can discuss with the designer and decoration master to determine the direction of purchase.

Misunderstanding 2: blind pursuit of price

In the process of decorating and selecting materials, consumers who do not understand the situation often have the misunderstanding that they only buy expensive products and do not buy them cheaply, and believe that the quality of expensive purchases will certainly be good.

Xiao Bian Weapons: Gui does not mean that the quality is good, the price of building materials is not just linked to the quality, it is closely linked with the building materials brand, fancy, quality, construction and after-sales service. So don't blindly choose.

Myth 3: Building materials pursue the ultimate

Some people blindly pursue the extreme when selecting building materials. That is to buy the floor, tile, always pick the hardest and thickest. It is believed that such quality is guaranteed, but not all spaces are suitable for these building materials.

Xiao Bian Weapon: To see the quality of building materials not only requires extreme, sometimes it is the most important for themselves.

Misunderstanding 4: Overconfidence of import

Some consumers often buy imported products for building materials. The imported raw materials for building materials come from foreign countries and are processed locally. Many consumers believe that the quality and design of imported building materials are guaranteed, so they spend a lot of money on building materials.

Xiao Bian Weapons: At present, China's building materials market, many materials are imported, the price is relatively high, but this does not mean that imports are better than domestic, consumers do not buy blindly.

Decoration misunderstanding renovation construction knowledge

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