Paint promotion needs to regulate the user's purchase to pay attention to

With the rapid development of the coatings industry market and the improvement of people's living standards and the environmental protection of furniture products such as wooden doors, it is more and more interesting. At present, in the coatings market, there are popular coating products such as “formaldehyde-free” and “green environmental protection”.

Through the promotion, the paint merchants enable consumers to quickly understand the information about the paint products or services, and make judgments on whether to purchase. On the other hand, it can establish the brand image of the paint company, increase the visibility of the paint company, and gain greater competitive advantage in production and operation. If the operator provides false information to the society, it will inevitably mislead consumers and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

False propaganda leads to innocent victims and peers

The nature of false propaganda is unfair competition. Competition is the premise and basis for the effective operation of the market. It is also an important factor in determining the fate of the market. The legitimate competition is achieved through continuous improvement of technology, reduction of costs, development of new products and new markets. Legal competition requires that every competitor must act in accordance with market rules and be honest and trustworthy. Deviation from these principles and rules will inevitably lead to unfair competition. It is easy for operators to conduct unfair competition in promoting products, because with the modernization, the production process is increasingly complicated, the types of products are diverse, and consumers are on the product. The performance, quality, etc. may not have sufficient knowledge, and consumers rely on advertisements, product labels, etc. to obtain product information. Providing false information to the operator will cause the consumer to make a wrong judgment. Under the premise of the established market capacity, the competitive advantage or profit obtained by relying on the false information will inevitably weaken or reduce the situation of other competitors. The legitimate rights of other competitors.

Paint purchase: buy green environmental protection paint four

Industry experts remind consumers, do not believe that some paint manufacturers promote the "formaldehyde-free" coating, even the national certification of "standard coatings", "environmental coatings" or "green paint", also contains a slight formaldehyde and other substances, but As long as it is within the limits, it is not enough to cause too much harm to the human body. Therefore, consumers should be aware of the national standards for hazardous substances. A series of regulations such as the “Limited Quantity of Hazardous Materials for Interior Decoration and Decoration” and the “Management Measures for Residential Interior Decoration” issued by the Ministry of Construction are all “shangfang swords” for consumers to protect their rights and interests. Of course, experts also reminded that these national standards only limit the hazardous substances to a lower range. Consumers should be able to choose building materials with higher environmental standards (such as “China Environmental Labeling Certification”). The safety of the products, some products have the function of degrading harmful substances such as formaldehyde, providing consumers with more professional health protection. Don't be superstitious about the word "green" in the propaganda of paints. Be careful to see the quality inspection report of the products.

In this mixed market, the vast number of consumers must play a supervisory role, actively cooperate with the regulatory authorities, and actively report illegally branded products, manufacturing and counterfeiting. As consumers themselves, they must go to the formal market to buy quality products with guaranteed quality and quality. They will not give profits to the private sector, and the illegal enterprises that endanger consumers will have a chance to do so. This is equivalent to buying a safety insurance for themselves.

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Label: Paint promotion needs to regulate the user's purchase to pay attention to

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