The corn has fallen.

Symptoms During the growth and development of corn, the corn suddenly encounters heavy storms and falls. There are three kinds of lodging: one is the characteristics of corn varieties, the general growth is 30~40 cm before the growth, and then the lodging occurs, showing the habit of growth of the scorpion; the second is the lodging after the jointing, but it has the ability to recover; the third is the lodging when heading Plants often squeeze each other and it is difficult to naturally return to an erect state.


In addition to genetic factors, the cause of lodging is that there is more precipitation in the production, and the ground is soft and causes the roots to fall. There are not many cases where the stems are lodging and the stems are broken. After the lodging, the new roots are still increasing, and the roots are deepened and deepened. In addition, if the density is too large or too much nitrogen is applied, the corn can be scraped down by external forces such as storms.


Control method 1. Select anti-falling corn varieties. 2. After the corn is lodging, it is best to organize the labor assaults within 2~3 days. If the time is delayed, the roots will be pulled when the corn grows new roots, and the roots will be re-adjusted to increase the photosynthesis. Photosynthesis and transmission of nutrients are carried out normally. Therefore, we must seize the time to help, and once delayed, we do not have to help. 3. While supporting the soil, it is necessary to apply quick-acting fertilizer. It is best to start from the opposite direction of the lodging in groups of two and grab the corn plants and gently pull them up from the upper part. Two lines of 3-4 strains are tied together. The planting is generally planted at a high density, and 5 to 6 plants can be tied together. Do not first pull down the plants below, prevent the stems from breaking, and timely cultivate the soil after the righting, try to protect the leaves intact, and topdress on this basis, so that the growth and development of corn will be transferred to normal as soon as possible.

Author: Wang Shujun

Source: Farmers Daily



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