Enrich the home experience, special texture wallpaper to help

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Want to make your own wall different? Want to increase the sense of the wall? To experience the extraordinary home experience, come see the four special texture wallpaper recommended by Xiaobian.

"tile" wallpaper

The tile-like wallpaper is used as the bedroom wall, with white cotton bedding and wooden floors. The elegant colors and rustic materials create a comfortable and natural sleeping atmosphere.

Origami wallpaper

The texture and color of the imitation origami wallpapers are variously selected. The shades and shades of the imitation origami wallpaper change, making it the basic level of home accessories, which is convenient for various styles.

"Lace" wallpaper

Lace is a great piece that highlights the elegance of a woman or the romantic girly style. It has always been a popular element in the fashion world. This kind of lace-like texture wallpaper is like wearing a lace skirt on the wall, which makes the women's gentle temperament in the space to the fullest.

"brick stone" wallpaper

If you want to bring a simple and natural visual effect to your home, it would be expensive and time consuming to stick the masonry to the wall. The use of this realistic imitation masonry wallpaper is an excellent alternative, and the simulation effect also gives the living room a natural simplicity.

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