Hardware knowledge: electric screwdriver use and maintenance skills

The so-called electric screwdriver is the electric screwdriver. It is based on the ordinary screwdriver and is driven by electric power, which greatly improves the working effect. However, if the electric screwdriver does not pay attention to its use and maintenance skills during the use, its service life It won't be too long, so today Xiaobian teaches you how to use and maintain electric screwdrivers.

Methods and techniques for using and maintaining electric screwdrivers:

1. Please read the driver's instruction manual before use and use it according to its specifications.

2, the ordinary motor set lock frequency is 4s / 1 screw, 900 screws per hour lock, 7500 screws can be locked daily. The Swiss motor sets the lock frequency to 2.5s/1 screw, and locks 1440 screws per hour. It can lock 12000 screws per day. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the motor size of the electric screwdriver during use. Do not operate blindly. In order to prevent damage to the electric screwdriver beyond the workload.

3. The torque in the range of 45?-75? is suitable, and the torque of 80? cannot be overloaded for long-term use.

4. When using, it is not allowed to directly adjust from the lowest twist to the highest twist or from the highest twist to the lowest twist, which may cause the clutch and the torque ejector to fall off.

5. Tighten the fixing ring (or torque sheath) of the screwdriver before use. The two ends of the power cable should be symmetrical with the power supply and the socket of the electric screwdriver, and tighten the nut of the power cable.

6. Do not touch grease or other turbid liquids inside the screwdriver.

7. For the effectiveness of maintenance, please protect the serial number and warranty card of the screwdriver.

Although the electric screwdriver is the same as the ordinary screwdriver, it is relatively easy to operate. However, if the operation method is not correct or the use skill is not in place, it will cause some damage to the electric screwdriver. Therefore, Xiaobian suggests that you will not use the electric screwdriver. In the case, it is best to find a professional staff to carry out the construction!

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Label: Hardware knowledge: electric screwdriver use and maintenance skills

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