EU new regulations introduce GM war

A few days ago, the EU introduced a new regulation for genetically modified crops and will take effect this spring. At that time, countries can independently choose whether or not to plant GM crops approved by the European Food Safety Authority. According to the Guardian, the British market may soon see such crops.

Sarah Cundy, head of the UK's GM crop policy and regulation department, said the crop could soon be introduced into the UK. In an e-mail to the British Farmers Federation, she said: "It is expected that the GM maize No. 1507 will be approved in the near future and the speed of approval of new crop applications will be greatly accelerated."

In 2014, European Union ministers voted to allow the cultivation of Dupont's genetically modified "super corn" No. 1507, which had previously been approved by the European Food Safety Authority. However, the outside world is still worried about the possible impact of beneficial insects such as butterflies and moths, and the Bureau of Food Safety recommends using rounds and buffers to reduce this risk.

The British Minister of the Environment, Mauley, said that the British government will use "practical rules" to distinguish between genetically modified and non-GM crops and allow products to be labeled. He did not predict the commercial cultivation of genetically modified crops in recent years, but economists believe that this A tacit attitude shows that if the Conservatives win the next general election, the transgenic plants will be put into cultivation in the 2017 planting season.

Professor Joe Perry, chairman of the European Organisation for Food Safety's genetic modification biology group, said that 20 academic experts will provide a strict regulatory buffer to prevent any threat to the environment or human health.

However, the members of the European Parliament from the Green Party doubt the practical significance of the revised rules. Keith Taylor, a member of the Greens, said: "The EU countries have the power to prohibit GM crops. This is a good thing. But for the United Kingdom, this actually means that there will be more GM crops, not less, because The government supports genetically modified crops and can thus advance more authorizations for access.”

Clare Oxborrow, a friend of the Earth, said: "This decision is good for Scotland and Wales and other regions. Local political leaders oppose GM crops and can therefore impose bans. But for England, this is A double-edged sword because the gates for growing GM crops will open."

Some European countries led by France and Hungary have banned GM crops, but countries like Britain and Spain have expressed support for this technology. Due to the British embargo on GM crops, the country abstained from voting in the EU's final vote. (Xie Yu compiles)

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