US media: Ali will launch "brush face payment" mobile phone payment is safer

According to US news, e-commerce giant Alibaba is currently developing a "brush face payment" technology, using a smart phone to authenticate through face scanning, to ensure online payment and mobile payment is more secure.

The face scanning system is called "smile payment" and was developed by Alibaba subsidiary Ant Financial Services Group for Alipay online payment and Alipay wallet use. It has entered the testing stage. However, in the opening ceremony of Hannover Electronics in Germany, Alibaba CEO Ma Yun demonstrated the face payment technology in advance during the keynote speech. In his speech, he mentioned that online payment will encounter a problem such as forgetting the password, and then he will pay for the Hannover commemorative stamp for the exhibition by brushing his face.

According to data from Juniper Research, the annual transaction volume of online payment and mobile payment will reach 4.7 trillion US dollars by 2019. Other companies are also working hard to develop this service. Apple developed Apple payment last year, and Samsung also last month. Develop Samsung payment.

Mobile payment service developers are struggling to find ways to ensure payment is safer through identity authentication technology. Apple's iPhone can be identified by fingerprints, and some manufacturers have demonstrated eye-scanning identification technology at Global Mobile Congress last month. Alibaba is also looking for new authentication technology. According to the spokesperson, a technology may be developed to allow customers to name a specific phrase to identify themselves, or to use another method called "Kung Fu" to scan tattoos or even Pets are identified.

In addition, the “smile payment” system will be launched first in China, but the exact date is still uncertain. The spokesperson said that it may be launched in other countries afterwards.

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