Bathroom cabinet installation step by step analysis details determine success or failure

Bathroom cabinet installation is very common in daily life, many households are self-installing, of course, this refers to non-specialized bathroom cabinets. But even if it is easy to install, it is still a big challenge for the novices. If you don't pay attention to it, it will not be worth the loss. Xiaobian specially brings you step-by-step analysis of bathroom cabinet installation, so that you can create a comfortable bathing space!

Bathroom cabinet installation site inspection

Before choosing a bathroom cabinet, consumers need to know about the home decoration, such as the tile material in the bathroom, the wall material and the decoration style, especially the general understanding of the location of the water and electricity pipeline.

Some families did not consider the differences in the structure, tiles, wall tiles, and water pipes in the home when they purchased the bathroom cabinet. They often caused inconvenience in the installation of two bathroom cabinets in the home, which required the bathroom cabinet. Perform a thorough inspection of the bathroom cabinet installation site prior to installation.

Preparation of bathroom cabinet installation tools and materials

Before installing the bathroom cabinet, we need to prepare the installation tools of the bathroom cabinet. Usually, the tools required for the installation of the bathroom cabinet are: tape measure (for positioning), pen (for marking), electric drill (for drilling, nailing) , screwdriver (for disassembly and assembly), hammer (for rubber particles, nails), glue gun (for rubber seal).

For the preparation of the bathroom cabinet materials, because the general bathroom cabinet business is not responsible for the installation, you need to install it yourself, so the materials and hardware used in the bathroom cabinet need to be checked.

Bathroom cabinet installation sequence

The installation process of the bathroom cabinet is: assembly of the basin - installation of the cabinet - installation of the basin - installation of the mirror - glue seal.

Although the installation of the bathroom cabinet is very simple, when installing the bathroom cabinet, New Jersey reminds the residents that it is necessary to find an experienced installer to install together, so that the division of labor can be combined to improve efficiency. For example, one person assembles the basin and the other installs the cabinet so that the former person can quickly install the basin.

Bathroom cabinet installation precautions

For two bathroom houses to be installed and installed, most households will choose different types of bathroom cabinets, for example, one is floor-standing and the other is hanging. And New Jersey reminds that for different types of bathroom cabinet installation, the installation sequence is basically the same, but the details need to be noted.

1 For the countertop, the installation method is different, and the effect of the rubber seal is also different. For example, the undercounter basin is installed, and the basin is completely in the countertop, so that the sealing is very convenient, and it is very convenient to clean up in daily life.

2 When installing the countertop, you need to install the drainer. The installation of the water purifier is directly related to whether the bathroom cabinet leaks, and this requires us to install a layer of sealant on the drain to ensure that the drain will not leak.

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