The use of supermarket lockers and precautions

The use of supermarket lockers is very simple and can be said, because we all use this equipment, so it can be very simple to get started. Products are the most common convenience facilities in our daily life. They appear to play a major role in our daily lives, whether you go to the supermarket or go to work, libraries, baths, or stations. The airport and so on have its presence. This shows that the product is an indispensable part of real life, and this shows how much the product is to be seen.

Supermarket lockers use features:

1, can save the customer's acquisition time, which can improve the use rate; at the same time simplify the customer's acquisition operations, greatly facilitate the customer.

2, the recognition rate is high, fast and accurate, and for the folded, rubbed bar code paper (as long as the bar code graphic is not damaged), can still reach 100% recognition rate. The use of barcodes as retrieval vouchers enhances the confidentiality of vouchers.

3. There will be a digital code at the bottom of the barcode paper, which is convenient for comparison records. At the same time, after the barcode graphic is damaged by humans, the code can still be input through the keyboard to extract objects.

4, in the passenger flow is more able to fully display its superior performance.

5. The barcode locker can print out the names of the units and places, which can increase the unit's image and avoid unnecessary disputes caused by the confusion of passwords.

6. In the event of a power failure or large grid voltage fluctuations, the machine can automatically connect standby power or regulate the power supply. Using a backup power supply after a power outage can work normally for no less than 4 hours.

7. Flexible parameter setting Users can set and modify the IC card according to their needs: Extension of daily maintenance of supermarket lockers:

(1) The installation of the locker must have ground protection!

(2) The storage cabinet should be installed to avoid sunlight!

(3) Infrared detection is an auxiliary security measure for the locker. It is an effective protection for the wrong operation of customers and administrators. The password normally stored is the only one that is smaller than 150*150*50 mm. It may not be detected. Other transparent drinks, helmets, etc. are also not detectable!

(4) The presence or absence of an item in the query refers to the detection result at the moment before the execution of a certain command!

(5) Printing paper cannot be pulled by hand!

(6) The system will automatically open the door when the illegal deposit (the item that has not been deposited according to the normal deposit operation) is turned on. If it exceeds the set number of times, the system automatically changes to save instead of popping the door. When the number of times arrives and the box is closed without any items, the number of illegal unpacking will be cleared automatically!

As we all know, many servers, storage devices, network devices and so on in the data center are running for 24 hours, and they emit huge heat at the same time. Using conventional cooling and air conditioning system to cool down not only increases the energy consumption of the whole data center, but also increases the cost accordingly. Therefore, how to cool the data Center at low cost has always been a hot topic. In the past, mineral oil cooling systems and seawater cooling were used, if you don't have a good geographic location like Google, and ebay's the "non-mainstream" way of cooling hot water. The use of fluoride will be the first choise to you, future development trend of data center cooling is the Fluoride Solution. The use of low-cost and efficient cooling methods will play an active role in reducing costs, saving energy consumption and improving the utilization of energy in data center. If you happen to need a solution in this area, please contact us by email.

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