The shed vegetable management needs to be "four not upside down"

As the temperature gradually declines, many vegetables are transferred to the shed for production. At this time of the year, the vegetable farmers often consult the relevant knowledge about the fertilization and management of the greenhouse vegetables. Here, the author reminds everyone to pay attention to the shed management. Not upside down."


The order of watering and transplanting can not be reversed


Many vegetable farmers are accustomed to first sprinkle organic fertilizer in the shed, then apply fertilizer, then plow, flatten the ridge to plant the seedlings, and then water. This makes it easy for the roots of vegetable seedlings to come into contact with the fertilizer, causing root burning, water loss, or ammonia poisoning. If watering and then transplanting, the fertilizer will not easily cause gas damage after being dissolved and diluted by water, and it is not easy to cause root loss due to root burning.


Therefore, it is recommended to first water the sputum, then plant the seedlings, and then use the amino acid humic acid fertilizer solution to fill the roots, pay attention to 7 to 10 days of irrigation, and even irrigation 3 to 4 times. Vegetable growers can also mix and paste superphosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer and farmyard manure, and then apply it, which is not only safe, but also good in fertilizer efficiency.


The application amount of phosphorus and potassium cannot be reversed


In the production process of fruits and vegetables, nitrogen is the key to plant formation, and phosphorus and potassium are the main elements of fruit formation. According to the relevant information, the ratio of phosphorus to potassium in the yielding factors of melon and vegetable production is 1 : 2 to 3 , and the utilization rates are 20% to 30% and 50% to 70%, respectively . Therefore, in the process of fertilization, we must pay attention to the application of potassium fertilizer, and rationally apply nitrogen fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer. This is especially important after sitting on the melon and fruit. The phenomenon of partial application of diammonium phosphate must be avoided. Moreover, it is necessary to properly cooperate with the application of biological fertilizer to regulate the supply of nutrients.


The order of pest control, nutrient regulation and watering cannot be reversed


If watering is in the front, and the prevention of pests and diseases is regulated, then on the one hand, the vegetative growth of the plants is excessive, the reproductive growth is insufficient, the light is long, the leaves are thin, the stems are thin, and the heavy ones fall and fall; on the other hand, Due to the increased humidity in the shed after watering, it is easy to accelerate the growth of pathogens such as Phytophthora, Pythium, Downy Mildew, and the disease is aggravated. Therefore, it is necessary to first use drugs to prevent pests and diseases, use inhibitors to regulate growth potential, and then water and fertilize.


The principles of application of organic fertilizers and fertilizers cannot be reversed


First of all, it must be based on organic fertilizer, supplemented by chemical fertilizer.


Second, organic fertilizer must be decomposed. Application of unfertilized organic fertilizers such as chicken manure, with a large number of salts and pests, such as sodium chloride, Phytophthora, nematodes, etc., increase the difficulty and cost of pest control.


( Source: Henan Daily Rural Edition )


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