Soybean needs more fertilizer in the middle and late stages

Appropriately, the flower pod fertilizer should be applied from the flowering to the bulging stage. It is the peak period of fertilizer demand. The fertilization plot with insufficient fertility should be followed by topdressing. The mu-branched diammonium 15~20 kg can achieve obvious yield increase effect.

Reasonable control If there is a trend of prosperous, the initial flowering period is 15% paclobutrazol 40~50g plus 50kg of water for foliar spraying or 15ml of 25ml water to 50kg of water. If the flowering period is still prosperous, it can be controlled for the second time.

Drought-proof and flood-proof Soybean should be watered in time for the initial flowering to the pod-forming period, and should be drained in time to avoid aggravating the disease.

Spraying Foliar Fertilizer In addition to the three major elements of NPK, Zn, Zn and Mo are essential trace elements in soybean. Therefore, spraying multi-element complex nutrient solution during the flowering to the blast stage of soybean has the effect of increasing pod growth and increasing yield. The method is: 100 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate per acre, 50 g of zinc phosphate, 50 g of borax (dissolved with hot water first) 25 g of ammonium molybdate, fully stirred with liquid, 50 kg of water, evenly sprayed on soybean The front and back sides of the blade are sprayed 2 to 3 times.

Prevention and control of pests and diseases The main control of soybean pests: 1. Soybean larvae are sprayed with 2.5% deltamethrin EC 1500~2000 times; 2. Bean hawk moth is sprayed with 20% fenvalerate EC 2500~3000 times; 3. Bean pods Spray with 50% thiophene emulsifiable concentrate 1000~1500 times. The main control of soybean diseases: gray spot disease, sprayed with 70% thiophanate-methyl WP 500-600 times or 50% thiram double-wet powder 500 times.
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