Is the open kitchen selected range hood side suction or top suction?

Some time ago, the home was renovated. I have been diving in various forums to learn from the experience. Now I have completed the work and shared some experiences. I don’t want to spray! The current range of range hoods are side suction, direct suction, Chinese, European, multimedia, etc. Wait, but the mainstream type is side suction and direct suction range hood, side hood suction or top suction? But these two types of range hood, which one would be better? First to everyone Share the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two range hoods and talk about my final choice.

Side suction type:

Advantage 1: Due to the bevel design, the side suction range hood will not encounter the phenomenon of contact and dripping.

Advantage 2: Because it is close to the cooktop, it can lock the soot for the first time, and it does not smoke the flame from the side, and it will not waste gas.

Advantage 3: Using the soot separation panel technology, the oil smoke can be separated, the oil stain will not enter the inner cavity of the hood, and the inner cavity can be removed and washed, which will not affect the service life of the range hood. The only drawback of the traditional side suction range hood is that the noise is slightly larger~

Direct suction type:

Advantage 1: The technology is relatively mature, the smoke exhaustion effect is good, and the price is relatively low.

Advantage 2: There are many styles, the design is more fashionable, the volume is generally larger, and it can be integrated with other items in the kitchen.

To say the shortcomings, it is estimated that most people will not choose a direct suction range hood!

Disadvantages 1: easy to meet, because it is installed directly above the cooker; easy to drip, because the oil on the oil net will accumulate over a long period of time will produce oil drop phenomenon.

Disadvantage 2: The installation height of the direct suction hood is far from the stove table, which is easy to cause the smoke to disperse.

Disadvantage 3: The volume is relatively large, and the operation and care are not very convenient. Secondly, it is not suitable for families with too small kitchens.

We all know that the side smoking machine has the advantage of not meeting the head, but the smoke guide plate and the oil net cleaning are more laborious; while the top suction has the advantages of a multi-layer filter screen and an integrated forming smoke collecting chamber, but if the family of the cooking rice has a high body, The possibility of meeting. Then choose side suction or top suction? This depends not only on the family situation, but also on the smoking principle of the brand machine. The following three aspects are introduced for everyone.

First, suction: Suction is the primary consideration of many friends, and the parameter to measure the size of suction is the amount of exhaust air. Generally, the optimal air volume is 15-18 cubic meters, so everyone is buying a hood. Don't forget to look at the amount of air exhausted.

Second, cleaning: The automatic cleaning and cleaning-free washing of the hood cannot be completely cleaned, but the number of cleaning the motor is reduced. Nowadays, the smoke guides of the hoods in the market are mostly made of stainless steel or tempered glass, while the oil nets are mostly stainless steel. These two materials are very easy to scrub, but I remind you not to use hard steel balls when cleaning tempered glass. Scrubbing is easy to scratch.

Third, noise: the main components affecting noise are motors, turbines, bearings, blades, etc., and we should choose motors with balls and silent bearings, so that the motor will run more smoothly and quietly, and choose a durable fan. Leaves are also helpful in reducing noise. In addition, be sure to install a fixed machine, so that the machine can be more noisy.

We do not necessarily say that the smoking effect of the side smoking machine is better than that of the top smoking machine, or that the suction of the top smoking machine is larger than that of the side smoking machine. After all, it should be considered comprehensively from the aspects of cleaning, noise, and family situation. Now the mainstream of the market is the side suction range hood, I also recommend everyone to buy side suction.

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