High temperature days + Rainy summer season more attention to the use of electricity safety

In the summer high temperature period, this stage is not only the high-incidence stage of accidents in production, but also the frequent occurrence of electric shocks in daily life. Therefore, we must pay attention to safe electricity in our daily lives, especially during periods of frequent thunderstorms. Below, Xiao Bian will introduce you to some of the safety issues that you should pay attention to when using electricity in summer.

1. Avoid overloading electricity

Before the advent of summer, it is necessary to calculate the total capacity of its own electricity and compare it with the maximum rated current of the electricity meter and the power line. If not, it is necessary to promptly report to the power supply department to add capacity to the meter. Air-conditioning, microwave ovens and other high-power appliances do not start at the same time, otherwise the momentary impact current is too large, it will burn the meter.

2. Be careful when attaching power

In areas where the line is relatively complicated, the power supply must be installed by professionals. Otherwise, serious consequences will result. Disable copper wire, aluminum wire, etc. instead of fuses; can not use signal transmission lines instead of power lines; can not use medical white tape, transparent tape instead of insulating black tape.

3. The use of electrical appliances is strictly forbidden

When the appliance has abnormal conditions, it should be immediately disabled, such as odor, smoke, vibration, and noise. If the temperature rises, the power should be cut off immediately. Ask the professional to repair it. Do not disassemble the appliance by yourself to prevent damage to the internal components of the appliance. .

Appliance Electrical Appliances

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