Analog video interface

Composite video signal (CVBS, A / V) interface terminal (Y / C, S-Video ) Interface analog component signals (YUV or YR-YB-Y) <br> <br> interfaces Analog video interface: standard video input (RCA )interface

Also known as C (CVBS) terminal, usually using BNC (coaxial cable) and RCA (commonly known as the lotus head) for connection, C terminal transmission composite video signal, it will be the luminance signal and chroma signal through the spectrum between the stacked together;

The main problem: there will be two-color cross-talk problems <br> <br> Analog Video Interface: AV Interface

The AV interface is also called a composite video terminal. It should be considered an improved TV interface, but it has a very different appearance. The AV interface is divided into 3 channels, which are red and white lines that form the left and right audio channels and the yellow video interface.

1) Because the AV interface realizes separate transmission of audio and video, it can avoid audio and video mutual interference in imaging;

2) Since the AV output is still a mixed signal, the display device needs to separate the brightness and color and decode it before it can be imaged, which inevitably affects the image quality.

3) In the DVD player, the AV interface is still relatively common, and the TV is generally equipped with an AV interface.

Analog Video Interface: S-video Interface

1. S-Video is the separation of the chroma signal C and the luminance signal Y on the basis of the C terminal, and then transmitted in different channels. Compared with the C terminal, the luminance signal and the color signal are transmitted separately. The problem of bright color crosstalk of composite video signals is avoided.

2. The S terminal is a five-core circular interface consisting of five luminance lines, two video color signals, and a common shield ground line.

S-Video is the most widely used analog video interface in the fields of electronic products, video terminals, and projection displays.

Analog Video Interface: VGA Interface

1.VGA interface is the interface for outputting analog signals on the graphics card, VGA (Video Graphics Array) interface, also called D-Sub interface. The VGA interface is the most widely used type of interface on the graphics card. Most graphics cards have such an interface.

2. The VGA interface can transmit all signals except the 480I/576I signal. It uses a 15-pin interface to separate and transmit the RGB signals. There is no bright-color crosstalk problem. The VGA interface has a VGA interface (resolution 640×480), SVGA interface (resolution 800×600), XGA interface (resolution 1024×768), SXGA interface (resolution 1280×1024)

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