6 old house decoration renderings your new home may not have it beautiful

How to decorate the old house? The renovation of old houses is actually a trade-in process. If we want to achieve our ideal results, we must “face up” the old houses, re-plan the original unreasonable patterns, and replace the outdated decorations completely. The obsolete of old houses is a sign of years. Just after a clever design, the newly rejuvenated face is no less than the decoration of our new house. Do not believe? Follow Xiaobian to see the effect picture of these old houses .

Old house decoration effect chart 1, messy and Zen


Scrambled plans need to be broken in the process of reconstruction and redistribute space to create a suitable atmosphere.


The top stone on the main wall resembles a landscape painting of ink, fully demonstrating modern Zen.

The old house decoration effect picture 2, transforms the open living room


The standard space plan, the only thing that deserves to be preserved is the solid wood flooring.


Retain the original floor and open the original master bedroom to the living room to create a spacious and open living room and study.

The old house decoration effect chart 3, personality life experience


Although there is only 20 pings of space, the comparison before and after the transformation has a very different spatial experience.


After 30 years of relocating space, the old apartments have continued to add elements to create their own personal style.

Old house decoration effect chart 4, improve lighting conditions


Although large-area windows can achieve good lighting, they do not seem to have a more pleasing use.


Setting a comfortable bed on the side of a large window not only facilitates sitting and lying, but also increases the seating of the living room.

Old house decoration effect figure 5, fresh style restaurant


Retained part of the building structure, using wooden furniture to recreate a fresh style.

Old house decoration effect picture 6, brighter bedroom


Opened the original balcony space, in addition to increasing the size of the bedroom, but also to get a brighter daylight.

About the old house decoration renderings for everyone to introduce here, do not know if you have been transformed into these amazing old houses to it? After several decades of planning and designing, old houses can become so beautiful and comfortable. I hope this article helps everyone. There are no ugly women only lazy women, it seems very suitable for use in housing renovation.

House renovation house old house renovation effect

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