Yiwu Zipper Industry: Meeting the Challenge of Transformation

Unusually, in 2011, the Yiwu zipper industry has withstood the unfavorable factors such as the turbulence in the international political and economic situation and rising domestic prices, and achieved steady growth. According to customs statistics, in November, the self-supporting value of the zipper industry in Yiwu was US$117 million, an increase of 11.8% year-on-year, and self-supported exports amounted to 1.163 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 3.16%. But there are also hidden dangers behind growth.

“zipper export kingdom” facing challenges At present, China is the world’s largest producer of zippers, accounting for nearly 60% of the world’s zipper market’s sales of RMB 50 billion. “China’s zipper direct exports account for nearly 20% of its output value, of which 80% is produced in Yiwu.” According to Hong Hanling, president of the Yiwu zipper industry association, 70% of zippers produced in Yiwu are direct sales abroad, which is regarded as “ Zipper Export Kingdom".

However, in recent years, the status of the “zipper export kingdom” has been facing challenges. Hong Hanling frankly stated that Yiwu zippers are mainly exported to Russia, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions, while Vietnam, India, the Middle East and other countries and regions purchased large quantities of production equipment in the past two years to prepare for the development of the zipper industry. “Not to mention Vietnam and India, or the middle and western regions of China, the labor cost is much lower than the cost of the coast. This will be a big shock to us.” Hung Han Ling said that although the zipper production in these areas is still short Can not become the climate, but the trend has become unstoppable.

Since the beginning of this year, the international economy has become complex and volatile, especially the economic downturn in Europe and the United States, which has adversely affected the export of clothing and bags in China and indirectly affected the export of zippers. "Most of Yiwu's garments and bags exported to Europe and the United States are equipped with high-grade zippers made in Guangdong and Fujian. This is less affected." However, Hung Han Ling said that in the second half of this year, the entire zipper industry could clearly feel depressed. The "cold wind".

“Three ** Po” boosts transformation of the zipper industry Faced with possible export difficulties in the coming years, transformation and upgrading are imminent. "The advantages of direct exports gradually disappear, we must consider turning to indirect exports or even domestic sales." Hung Han Ling said that the transformation and upgrading must improve quality, relying solely on the original technology and quality, Yiwu zipper can not be indirectly exported to high-end clothing, bags, Europe and the United States The country, or into the well-known domestic clothing, luggage brand production enterprises.

Whoever masters the standards will have the right to speak. In August 2009, the Yiwu Zipper Industry Association took advantage of the national standards of Germany, Japan, Britain, and the United States and formulated the Yiwu zipper industry alliance standard, which increased the content of ecology, environmental protection, and safety, and passed the standard test of the alliance. The product fully meets the requirements of the European market. The alliance standard also clearly puts forward the specification, classification and classification of zippers, making it possible to automate the production of products and the products of different companies.

Last year, Yiwu Zipper Industry Association also set up a product testing center to purchase more than one testing equipment, free for enterprises to detect product quality. Wu Xinxi, secretary-general of the association, told reporters that as of now, the product testing center has provided inspection services for 152 batches of products from nearly 50 companies, and timely presented test results and recommendations, so that the inspection companies can understand the inspection products at the first time. information.

The Yiwu zipper industry also actively applied for regional brand names to increase industry awareness and expand the domestic market. In September last year, "Yizhe Zipper" successfully won the title of regional brand in Zhejiang Province. Afterwards, the Association quickly established the "Zhejiang Regional Famous Brand" Ziyue Zipper "Administrative Measures." In November of this year, 12 zipper companies such as “Weihai”, “Xinhong” and “Waling” won the right to use the “Jihang Zipper” regional brand name, which can be used in marketing activities, image planning, and advertising according to regulations.” Ziyi zipper "Zhejiang regional brand name sign.

Wu Xinxi said that this regional brand name will provide a boost to the branding and regionalization of Yiwu zippers, and that small and medium-sized enterprises can be listed among the famous brands through the approval of the right to use zippers, which will increase market competitiveness.

Early warning demonstration points are escorting exports. At present, direct exports are still the main sales channels for zippers in Yiwu, enhancing competitiveness of foreign trade, responding to international trade barriers, stabilizing exports, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and improving the ability to respond quickly to international fair trade cases. Still important.

In May last year, the Yiwu Zipper Industry Association established foreign trade early warning demonstration sites, created a foreign trade warning network publishing platform, actively carried out international trade knowledge training, and timely analyzed foreign trade trends.

“We will publish as much as possible the latest foreign trade information, especially information on foreign trade barriers. We also regularly publish the names of foreign trade companies that are in arrears, and in conjunction with foreign trade cases, we propose to companies “export contracting, product quality dispute prevention and its "Liability insurance, foreign customers are in arrears in payment or not paying attention to" and other aspects." Hung Han Ling said that these measures can effectively improve the Yiwu zipper company's ability to prevent foreign trade risks.

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