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In the spring, the air becomes moist. The damp weather causes the furniture and walls to show signs of dampness and mildew. The kitchen bathroom also emits unpleasant odors, which affects the home environment and our lives. Learn to prepare for spring moisture with Xiaobian and have a dry and healthy spring.

Sunlight is the best moisture-proofing agent


The biggest problem in spring is the dampness. The quilts, pillows, etc. at home are getting wet and become damp. It is especially uncomfortable to use. When the sun is shining and the sun is shining, the clothes quilt is moved to the sun and the sun is the most effective desiccant. When drying the moisture, it can kill the bacteria and mites in the clothes. Appropriate tapping can also make the quilt fluffy and soft, bringing a dry and warm dream.

Desiccant + ventilation


When the moisture comes, the best products to be sold in the supermarket are all kinds of desiccant and dehumidification boxes. The dehumidification bag with various fruit and floral aromas absorbs moisture while still making the home full of pleasant aroma. After using for a period of time, the desiccant in the dehumidification box is removed and put into a new one, and can be used again.

Household dehumidification can not rely solely on dehumidifying agents, but also open windows to ventilate when appropriate. Ventilation time should be taken to avoid opening windows in the morning and evening, because the humidity outside the two periods is the heaviest, and it is best to ventilate at noon in the sun and at the highest temperature.

Pay more attention to kitchen and bathroom space


The most basic principle of moisture protection in kitchens and bathrooms with the most moisture is to keep it dry. When you return to Nantian, do not open the window of the kitchen. If you want to dehumidify, open the exhaust fan, dehumidifier or air conditioner with dehumidification energy. There is no obvious wet and dry partition kitchen and bathroom space. When decorating, you should have a professional moisture-proof panel. Pay more attention to keep the surface of the panel dry and clean the surface of the water droplets in time.

Kitchen and toilet space is also prone to mildew in the spring. For the cleaning of the wall surface of the tile, it is cleaned with a decontamination paste; after the tile gap is removed, the decontamination paste is descaled, and then a waterproofing agent can be brushed with a brush. In addition to being able to prevent seepage, it also prevents mold growth.

The biggest problem in spring is the moisture-proof of the home. If you don't pay attention, the furniture, walls and cabinets will be attacked by moisture. When you don't know, it will be mildewed, and it will be difficult to clean up when you find out. Therefore, we must do a good job in spring moisture protection.

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