Wu Jinmu comes from a hero who also has a birth.

Fuyuan Furniture Newsletter Although there is a famous saying "Heroes don't ask for a birth", each hero has his own origin. Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more interested in Wujinmu , and they are more and more like it. But there will always be a question from the small partners. Where is Wujinmu’s hometown? Where does Wujinmu come from? Below, Xiaobian answers for you

乌金木来自哪里 英雄也是有出身的

Where is Wujinmu from?

Wujinmu is essentially the zebra wood of Africa, also known as "Ebony" (EBONY), which is called "Uzbek" or "Uwen" in ancient times. It is a precious tree species with black heartwood in the persimmon species (Eiosaceae) of the persimmon species (Ebenaceae). Wood, easy to crack and deform.

Wujinmu is a large tree with a height of about 45m; a diameter of up to 1.0m; with a root; the material has shallow grooves. Distributed in the West African region. Heartwood paint black or dark brown; distinct from sapwood. The sapwood is reddish brown. The growth wheel is not obvious. Tube hole magnifying glass is only visible; scattered; few; slightly smaller; Wujinmu contains dark gum, which is not visible under the axial thin-walled tissue magnifying glass.

Wujinmu is distributed in tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions of the world. Black heartwood is mainly produced in tropical Asia and Africa, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Madagascar, Congo, Gabon and other countries. . China, Taiwan, Hainan, Yunnan and other places also have production. The domestic Wujinmu furniture has the highest quality in Shandong.

乌金木来自哪里 英雄也是有出身的

After reading the above article, Xiaobian believes that you must understand where Wujinmu is from, and more information, in Fuyuan.

Source: Fuyuan Furniture

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