Bedroom decoration painting how to place bedroom decoration painting selection method

The bedroom is a place for people to sleep. When choosing a decorative painting, it is best to use decorative paintings with characters and scenery as the theme. For a poorly lit bedroom, it is best not to choose black and white colors or Chinese paintings, which will make the space appear darker. The following Xiaobian to introduce how to display decorative painting bedroom and bedroom decorative painting method selected.

How to place the bedroom decoration painting

1, bedroom decoration painting position

The height of the bedroom decorative paintings is generally the best in the center of the picture, standing at a slightly higher position of the person standing parallel to the line, preferably at a height of about 2 meters from the ground, too high or too low will lead to coordination of the bedroom, Therefore, we must avoid the phenomenon of inconsistency.

2, bedroom decoration painting focus on lighting

The use of bedroom decoration paintings is very particular. No bedroom decoration painting will have dark shades. The light source of the painting needs to take the upper left and sunny room. The bedroom decoration painting should be hung in the bedroom and beside the window at a 90 degree angle. In this way, natural light sources outside the window can be used, and they can also respond to each other.

3, the number of bedroom decoration painting

The number of bedroom decoration paintings can not be too many, but also put in place, so as to play the role of the finishing touch in the bedroom, too many bedroom decoration painting will be dazzling, there are one or two good bedroom decoration painting just fine, this can make The entire space is full of atmosphere.

4, bedroom decoration painting color

Bedroom decoration painting tone can not be too single, and the overall style of the bedroom decoration style to match, it is best to focus on simplicity. For the old-fashioned home decoration, you can choose some bedroom paintings that have the style of the famous people or the meaning of history, but the whole is still to achieve a harmonious visual effect.

Bedroom decoration painting selection method

1, unified with the decoration style

The bedroom decoration painting is to be unified with the decoration style. If the decoration style is simple and modern, the decorative painting with a classical style will appear very awkward. If the European classical style decoration style is hung with modern abstract decorative painting, it will be neither fish nor fowl.

2, in contrast with the room color

The hue of the decorative painting should be in contrast with the hue of the bedroom, so that the finishing touch can be achieved. The brighter rooms can choose rich color oil paintings, and the fresh and elegant rooms are suitable for the soft oil painting.

3, unified with the function of the room

Decorative paintings should be unified with the function of the room. You can choose some landscape paintings, which will give people a sense of warmth, romance and elegance.

Editor's summary: The choice of how to place the bedroom decoration and how to decorate the bedroom is introduced here. Hopefully it will help everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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