French style decoration is suitable for French style decoration

For the French region, what most people think of is its freedom and warmth. I believe that many men and women who love fashion and romance expect to stand under the Eiffel Tower and come to an intimate photo. Feelings and touching feelings, if you want to enjoy every day, then come to a French style decoration it, this romantic small family has a full atmosphere, then the French style decoration is good or not? Let's see together.

Good French style decoration: French style decoration features

1. In fact, the romance presented by the people in this country is not only reflected in the action, but also in the ideological, for example, the shape and the lines of the interior decoration, the choice is rich in a soft and stylish taste, color It is also elegant and elegant.

2, in the construction and deployment of the house, will be very conscious of the axis of symmetry, showing a magnificent momentum, making the entire room has a strong rich temperament, it is elegant and luxurious.

3. In fact, not only is it constructive and deployable, it also uses a variety of French lines and carvings in the details. The decoration process is very elaborate and delicate. In addition, the shape is changeable, and the outline is clear and eye-catching.

Suitable for French style decoration

Because this type of dress line outlines a step-by-step rise in the inner heart, which improves the degree of people's stability to a certain extent, it is suitable for the inner calm people. In addition, the French style is a dress with a higher temperament. Therefore, some people who are light-weight floating flowers are also more suitable.

French style decoration soft outfit with skills

1, fresh small floral cloth

Because this type of dress prefers some fresh and elegant colors, for example, some small floral powder is the best interpretation of French style, so avoid using those bright and colorful fabric sofas in the soft outfit, try to use some Soft colors are preferred.

2, bold color curtains

In general, the French style will be more bold in the selection of curtain colors, such as the use of some of the more obvious colors of gray, green, and blue, as well as more complex shapes, showing a strong retro style.

3. Impressionist oil painting

This kind of dress will inevitably make up for the modification of oil paintings, and will be accompanied by some soft and beautiful colors on some ordinary scenes, plus a proper sense of light, suspended on the walls of the home, a rich French romance will spread out. Now.

Summary: The above is about the introduction of French style decoration , I believe we have a better understanding of the characteristics of French style decoration and soft outfit with, of course, if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiao Bian.

French style

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