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Celebrity Home News News Decoration determines home feng shui, and the new Chinese decoration that has been popular in recent years is a very personal work. There are some taboos that undermine the aesthetic effect. We must pay attention. Let me introduce you to the new Chinese-style decoration taboos and precautions . I hope that friends who are ready to prepare for the new Chinese style can look at it!

保护审美效果 新中式装修禁忌——名人居

First, the new Chinese-style decoration avoids the ceiling is too heavy, too thick, too dark, too fancy, etc., otherwise it will give people a sense of depression, suffocation, and lose the warmth of the room.

Second, many people in the new Chinese-style decoration in order to highlight the individuality, the floor uses three-dimensional geometric patterns and materials of different shades of color, so it is easy to make people feel high and low, the instantaneous parallax is also easy to make people fall.

Third, in the new Chinese decoration, the inconsistency between the floor and the furniture is also taboo, and the color difference will affect the overall aesthetic effect.

Fourth, the walls and ceilings of the house should not be decorated with the tendency of hotelization, which will destroy the original intention of quiet and elegant home.

保护审美效果 新中式装修禁忌——名人居

5. The color of the new Chinese decoration should not be too much. The same room should not be too much color, different rooms can be separately colored, avoid the whistle of flowers, disorder and disorder.

6. Don't put large furniture in the cabin, which will easily damage the overall layout of the room and make the proportion of the room out of balance.

7. In the new Chinese-style decoration, many people are prominent in antiques. It is ok to place a few pieces of old furniture, but not too much. Because too many old-style furnitures are “showing the public”, they cannot highlight the “new” meaning, but they are counterproductive. .

保护审美效果 新中式装修禁忌——名人居

The above seven points are new Chinese decoration taboos and precautions. If you choose a new Chinese style, you can refer to the above taboos and precautions!

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