Super hard network week news review (2.13~2.17)

Summary 1, 2017, Wald enters the year of the award! (Read the original text) In 2017, at the annual meeting of Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Jifeng, Chairman of Wald, announced that Wald will enter the year of the award! Wald's technological innovation in the company...
1, 2017, Wald entered the year of the award! ( read the original )
In 2017, at the annual meeting of Beijing Wald Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Jifeng, Chairman of Wald, announced that Wald will enter the year of the award! The integration and adjustment of Wald's technology innovation reward system will not only cover all stages of technology research and development, but also increase the amount of awards for research and development innovation.
“Walde started to develop and innovate, and also succeeded in R&D and innovation.” Chen Jifeng said, “Based on technology research and development, we can achieve higher development. As long as it is technical invention and research and development that is helpful to the company's various businesses, products or company development. Innovation, the company will fully support and pay a lot of bonus rewards."

2, Ezhou diamond tools 34 carrying Shen floating record thousands of sails and then stand up and tide head ( read the original )
In 2002, the entire production of diamonds in Ezhou City shrank by more than half, less than 200, and the number of employees was less than 10,000. The only constant is that the annual output value is still 1.8 billion yuan, but where does the data come from? Then, the labels of foreign companies such as Henan and Jiangxi are posted for sale.
When the tide faded, it was discovered who was swimming naked.
Yan Tao said that the Ezhou diamond enterprises at that time could only be described as "sudden stretch", such as the saw blade with a diameter of 1200 mm. Due to homogenization and vicious competition in the market price, the sales price fell below 1,100 yuan. "When the secret recipe is no longer mysterious, the core competitiveness of all Ezhou diamond companies is instantly disintegrated. Everyone can't find a way to crack. It can only be so painstakingly smashed - one day, one day, one family is killed." Tao said. "Holding the silver rice bowl, think about it better than the iron rice bowl, I don't want to go to the gold bowl anymore." Zhang Xinmin, the executive director of Hubei Exin Diamond Materials Co., Ltd. said, "Many people think that they don't want to eat or wear anyway. ”

3. The Yellow River Cyclone Technology Center was recognized as a provincial-level enterprise technology center ( read the original )
On February 12, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission that Henan Province announced a new batch of Henan Province Enterprise Technology Center list, with 59 in the province and 21 enterprise technology centers in Zhengzhou.
It is understood that in order to speed up the establishment of a technology innovation system that combines enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, industry-university-research, and enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises, according to the "Management Measures for the Identification of Henan Enterprise Technology Center", the Provincial Development and Reform Commission has confirmed that Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. The company's technology center and other 59 enterprise technology centers are Henan Enterprise Technology Center, Zhengzhou has China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center, Henan Ruisoft Technology Co., Ltd. Technology Center, Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. Technology Center, Zhengzhou Fuyao Glass Co., Ltd. 21 centers and so on. The Provincial Development and Reform Commission requires all relevant enterprises to further accelerate the construction of enterprise technology centers, increase investment in research and development, improve the technical innovation organization system and operational mechanism, standardize operations, and function in place, and continuously enhance independent innovation capabilities for sustainable development and industrial competitiveness. Enhancement provides strong technical support.
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4. The “Xinya” trademark was continuously recognized as a provincial famous trademark ( read the original )
Recently, the official website of the Henan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the “Continuously Recognized List of Famous Trademarks of Henan Province in 2016”. The “Xinya” trademark registered and used by Zhengzhou Xinya Composite Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. was continuously recognized as a famous province in Henan Province. trademark.
Since its registration in 1992, the “Xinya” trademark has been used in synthetic diamond sintered products such as diamond composite sheets. Over the past 25 years, relying on excellent product performance, stable product quality and strong research and development strength, Xinya products have won the trust of users at home and abroad. Especially the production and sales of diamond composite sheets for oil and gas drilling have been the first of its kind in the country for many years. It represents “China Hardness” in the international market. Xinya Trademark is one of the most recognized brands in China's superhard materials industry.

5, the application of diamond plating in titanium alloy ( read the original )
Abstract: In this study, a layer of synthetic diamond film was deposited on titanium alloy by chemical vapor deposition to obtain better adhesion. Diamond-plated metal alloys have broad scientific and technological application prospects; research on the adhesion mechanism of brittle hard coatings is of great significance. The adhesion of this coating was also measured by the indentation method.
In recent years, the bonding technology for metal materials and ceramic materials has developed rapidly, especially with a mechanically stable interface, and a quantitative measure of adhesion is obtained. These technical studies cover a wide range of fields such as chemistry, materials science and mechanics. In this study, a metal film was deposited on a ceramic substrate. Material processing or temperature changes can have an effect on the stability of the coating; residual stress can also cause damage to the interface, substrate and film. The relationship between the thermal stress σth of the film or coating, the magnitude difference Δα of the coefficient of thermal expansion, and the temperature change ΔT is as follows.

6, diamond tool cutting processing composite materials in the field of aviation ( read the original )
Abstract: Composite parts can be transferred to metal cutting machines for machining, or they can be similar to cutting metal parts. However, once the cutting edge of the tool is cut into the composite workpiece, the essential difference from metal cutting can be revealed - the material removal mechanism of the two is completely different.
The material removal mechanism of metal cutting is plastic deformation. The workpiece material is softer than the tool material and forms a chip flow on the cutting edge of the tool. In the process of cutting composite materials, there is no real chip. The workpiece material is not shear removed and the cutting edge acts to chop the hard carbon fiber. During this process, the cutting edge is subjected to severe abrasion, which may cause it to wear quickly.
In metal cutting, the geometry of the tool determines its cutting performance and the tool material determines its service life. The same is true for the cutting of composite materials. Tool material also becomes a determining factor in the cutting performance when processing composite materials. Composite materials can cause rapid tool wear, which can quickly change tool geometry—unless the cutting edge material resists abrasion of the composite, enough to maintain its geometry and sharpness. A common phenomenon when drilling composites is that the first two holes that may be machined have good hole quality, but soon there will be delamination, cracking or other holes in the third hole. Mouth defect, because the wear of the tool causes its geometry to no longer maintain a clean and tidy cut.
7, "Technology + Jewelry" to cultivate new ideas for diamonds VINKKI Shenzhen Experience Store is about to open ( read the original )
Science and technology, as the primary productivity, is also true for the jewelry industry. Diamonds are diamonds produced in a high-tech instrument that mimics the environment required for natural diamond formation in the natural environment. Created by the best scientists, professional engineers and skilled technicians, it is the crystallization of human science and technology wisdom. The birth of laboratory-grown diamonds has revolutionized the diamond industry and opened up new ideas for technology jewelry.
In the traditional understanding, diamonds are equated with high price paintings, which also causes the general concept of collection and appreciation of diamond dealers. In recent years, with the increase of per capita income in China and the consequent consumption transformation, decorative value has become the primary consideration for consumers when purchasing jewelry, especially in the post-80s and post-90s consumers, which emphasizes the wearing of diamonds. Value, highlighting the fashion personality. In order to meet the shopping habits of consumers' online consumption after the 1980s and 1980s, the diamond shopping mall has the luxury consumption attribute, and the process of the customer's offline experience is also very important, so in order to promote the cultivation of diamonds more actively, the offline experience The store also came into being.

8, the EU applies nano-diamonds to the medical field ( read the original )
Diamond is not only the hardest substance in nature, but also the most fascinating light. It is precisely because of these two characteristics that EU scientists believe that nano-diamonds can shine in the medical field. Under the EU's 7th R&D Framework Programme (FP7) and Horizon 2020, the NeuroCare and NDI projects, which are co-ordinated by France and Germany, respectively, use nanodiamonds as a new medium for interaction with the human body, and are expected to be implanted and magnetic in artificial retina. An important breakthrough has been made in the field of resonance imaging (MRI).

9. Huanghe Cyclone Dr. Wang Yuchang and Minister Meng Weimin visit China Superhard Materials Network ( read the original )
On the morning of February 16, 2017, Dr. Wang Yuchang and Mr. Meng Weimin, chief engineers of Henan Huanghe Cyclone Co., Ltd. visited China Superhard Materials Network and received warm reception from the general manager of the website. The two sides exchanged views on the transformation of China's superhard materials industry, the adjustment of industrial structure, innovation and development of new diamond products and other related issues.
Dr. Wang Yuchang and Minister Meng Weimin first affirmed the solid work of China Superhard Materials Network as a professional information service platform in the industry, and hoped that the website could continue to work hard in the future work, following the development of China's superhard materials industry, continue Strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between the website and the enterprise, provide more professional, more targeted and customized modern information services for the development of the enterprise, and strive to make China's super-hard materials network become a wider audience and more influential. Industry information portal.

10. The Diamond Tool Industry Association organized a delegation to the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair ( read the original )
As the first event of China's superhard material products industry in the spring of 2017, China Xiamen International Stone Fair has attracted many industry companies to participate in it. It is hoped that the first shot of boosting the morale of the industry in the New Year will win the door. The Ezhou Diamond Tool Industry Association will participate in the 17th Xiamen Stone Fair from March 6th to March 9th, which will bring a different style and excitement to the Xiamen Stone Exhibition and China's super-hard materials products industry.
Ezhou Diamond Tools Industry Association was formally established on November 6, 2015. In order to better serve the industry enterprises, the association takes the opportunity of this year's Xiamen Stone Fair to do a good job in various services, and strive to promote exchanges among members, expand the participation of member companies, and lead the enterprises to be faster and more direct. Understand the market and promote the transformation and upgrading of the product structure of the enterprise. This move will definitely promote the healthy development of the industry, the development of the group, and the development of the industry, and make greater contributions to the development of China's diamond tool industry.
The Ezhou Diamond Tools Industry Association enterprises participating in the Xiamen Stone Exhibition have: (in no particular order)
Ezhou Bailifeng Diamond Tools Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5020
Ezhou Jinfeng Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B3121
Ezhou Jinlong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Booth No.: U191
Hubei Ezhou Fuli Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5012
Ezhou Xinrui Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: U190
Hubei Changli Superhard Material Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5033
Hubei Exin Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B7021
Hubei Lilai Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. Booth No.: U168-U169
Hubei Panfeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B3106
Hubei Shengyi Rui Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5076
Hubei Yintian Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5017
Jiangsu Kai Rui Zhongcheng Stone Tools Co., Ltd. Booth No.: B5016
Ezhou Jiashitong gang saw processing factory booth number: B3055-B3056
Hubei Dahao Tools Co., Ltd. Booth No.: U224-U225

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