Rural kitchen hardware market has a bright future

On September 6, the 2011 Rongsheng Appliance Marketing Summit was held in Beijing. At the same time, a new generation of Rongsheng dual-core power range hoods and double-effect firework gas range cookers were also launched in the same period, and an on-site ordering meeting was held.

According to industry insiders, some well-known kitchen and bathroom companies have taken advantage of new products to strengthen their product mix and promoted the development of enterprises with differentiated competitive advantages. This marks the official arrival of kitchen and toilet products.

Since the beginning of this year, the country’s economic policies have tightened. Under pressure from money shortages, electricity shortages, labor shortages, and high raw material prices and high tax burdens, “three wastes and two highs,” this has been called the last blue ocean kitchen and household appliances in the home appliance industry. The industry has also begun to suffer from the cold market.

As far as the kitchen and toilet industry is concerned, the primary and secondary markets are regulated by real estate. The number of buyers and decorators is significantly lower than in previous years. Coupled with rising prices, many consumers take a wait-and-see attitude. Gome, Suning and other home appliance chain stores The sales of kitchen appliances fell by at least 30% year-on-year. In the third and fourth-tier markets, the impact was limited. However, under the pressure of first-tier brands such as Midea and Vantage, and some miscellaneous brands, the second and third-tier brand manufacturers’ living space has also increased. The smaller. In addition, more and more channel providers have begun to switch to the overall direction of the home.

The kitchen and toilet industry itself also has various development issues: serious product homogeneity, uneven quality levels, fierce price wars, inadequate technology research and development, unclear brand operation strategies, and incomplete after-sales service systems. Under the background, how the kitchen and toilet enterprises will be the next step in licensing will become the focus of the industry.

According to Xie Desheng, secretary-general of the Guangdong Home Appliances Chamber of Commerce, with the increasing demand for kitchen and toilet products from consumers, the kitchen and toilet industry is also facing new challenges, placing unprecedented high standards and strict requirements on manufacturers. Channel distributors have also brought a lot of pressure to kitchen and toilet companies while achieving the development of kitchen and toilet companies. However, as the basic daily necessities of the people, a huge market space also brings new opportunities for the development of kitchen and bathroom products.

It is reported that at present, the penetration rate of home appliances such as color TVs and refrigerators is 70% to 90%, while the overall penetration rate of kitchen appliances is only about 30%. Many third and fourth-tier markets have a lower penetration rate, and even less than 10% in township and rural markets. .

Shi Lei, vice president of marketing for kitchen and bathroom division of Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd., said that currently, the competition of kitchen and bathroom companies has evolved from simple price and appearance competition to competition in marketing, integration, supply chain, product development, and branding. . As the concentration of brands in the kitchen and toilet industry continues to increase, the concern for the production of environmentally-friendly products has increased, and kitchen and specialty product stores have continued to rise.

The reporter learned from this ordering meeting that in order to accommodate the development of the entire industry, in addition to launching a series of dual-nucleus power range hoods and gas stoves with Rongsheng patents, Rongsheng will also integrate resources, hold group marketing, and strengthen its terminal construction and sales management. . From 2011 to 2012, it integrated with water heaters, cabinets, drinking fountains, and other business units to increase overall sales force and channel strength; spent money on building cabinets and panel furniture production industrial parks and set new standards for the industry; continued implementation of the "3115" terminal plan for kitchens and bathrooms. : In the next 3 years, 100 100m2 or more kitchen and toilet flagship stores will be established across the country, and 500 stores for home appliance chain stores will be established. Adhere to the main regional marketing center, the channel quickly sinks to the third and fourth line market, seize the rural market, gradually integrate kitchen appliances, kitchen cabinets, bathroom, one-stop shopping development, Rongsheng will be a kitchen and toilet industry within five years Strong brand.

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