Flat-panel solar water heaters are favored?

The flat-panel solar water heater is suitable for the design and development of high-rise, villa and small high-rise residential buildings. The water tank is placed on the balcony, roof, walls and other places. What are the advantages of flat-panel solar water heaters?

Solar collectors can be basically divided into three categories according to the heat collection temperature, namely low temperature (less than 100 degrees Celsius), medium (_zhong1) temperature (100 to 200 degrees Celsius) and high temperature (above 200 degrees Celsius). Flat plate collectors are suitable for low temperature range. Vacuum tube collectors are suitable for medium and high temperature ranges, and low temperature can also be used, but they cannot exert their advantages.

The main use of solar water heaters in China is bathing and domestic hot water. The water temperature is generally 60 degrees Celsius, and the flat collector has a good efficiency personality. When the water temperature is greater than 60 degrees Celsius, the vacuum tube collector efficiency is well played.

Effective lighting area

Both the flat plate collector and the vacuum tube collector obtain the energy of the sun through the effective lighting area. Therefore, the larger the effective lighting area under the same large outer gallery area, the more solar energy is obtained. The opposite is the less.

Effective amount of hot water

The effective hot water quantity of a solar water heater refers to how much effective hot water can be obtained by the solar energy system every day. It is required that the hot water can be released for use, which is called effective hot water. The hot water that cannot be released is ineffective, the flat plate system and the vacuum tube system. The amount of effective hot water is also very different; the effective hot water volume of the flat system is greater than that of the vacuum tube system.

Pressure performance

The flat water heater belongs to the link between the metal pipes, which can fully meet the requirements of the pressure system. However, the usual vacuum tube hot water system is linked by a silicone rubber seal between the vacuum glass tube and the header or water tank. The requirements of the pressure system cannot be met. Once the system pressure is high, the friction between the vacuum tube and the seal ring is difficult to resist the system pressure, forcing the tube to move outward or slip.

Anti-fouling, freezing

An important feature of solar water heaters and their systems in the north is how to prevent scaling and freeze-prevention, as it is an important measure to increase service life and reduce maintenance costs. The flat plate collector is easy to freeze in the north and freezes. Therefore, most of the flat panel heat collecting systems in China use the reverse emptying technology, and can also use the double cycle (also known as the indirect system or the secondary system) to basically solve the system's defense. Freeze the issue. For this reason, the vast majority of solar collectors in developed countries (such as Australia's solarhart) use a dual-cycle system. Flat plate collectors are best suited for dual cycle systems, while conventional vacuum tube collectors are less suitable for dual cycle systems due to pressure. Since most of the solar water heating systems in China are used for bath water temperature is generally 60 degrees Celsius, the fouling phenomenon is not serious.

Product and architecture

Flat-panel solar collectors, suitable for combination with buildings in terms of overall shape, structural strength and size, can flow directly on the roof or embedded in the roof, and easily become an integral part of roof scaling, and construction As a whole, flat panel collectors are better integrated with buildings than vacuum tube collectors.

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