Method for judging quality defects of aluminum plate coil coating

According to the principle of solving defects, we must first understand the three aspects:

1. What conditions have changed?

2. To what extent?

3. Why is this change happening?

To figure out these issues, generally follow these steps:

1. Check whether the paint number, batch number and diluent are correct, whether the viscosity of the paint is within the process range, and proofread one by one and monitor.

2. Check whether the raw aluminum coil is contaminated during the process.

3. Check the coating roller for defects.

4. Check whether the coating roller, the feeding roller, the paint roller, the metering roller speed matching and the production line speed are within the process range.

5. Check the equipment and the air pressure is normal.

6. Check if the operator is operating correctly.

7. Check the ambient humidity and whether the temperature changes.

8. Check if the paint pump is leaking or leaking oil.

9. Check if the filter is in good condition.

10. Check the degree of clamping of the loading roller $ coating roller.

11. Check if the paint tray isolation baffle is correct.

12. Check if the scraper is close to the scraper.

13. Check if the tension is normal.

14. Due to the long process flow of the coating production process, the processing method must be inspected one by one from the beginning of the process in the direction of the defect, until the problem of the defect is found, and then the corresponding processing is performed.

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Pigment And Dyestuff

Pigment and Dyestuff is a kind of organic compound that can make other substances get bright and strong color. Because the pigments used now are synthetic, they are also called synthetic dyes. Pigment and Dyestuff are usually compounds of their own color, which can give clear and strong colors to other substances in molecular state or dispersion state.

According to the properties of pigment and Dyestuff and its application methods,can be devided to below Several categories:

Direct dye

Such dyes can be directly dyed on cotton, linen, silk, wool and other fibers because they do not depend on other agents. Its dyeing method is simple, chromatography is complete, and the cost is low. However, its fastness to washing and light fastness is poor. If proper post treatment is used, the fastness of dyed products can be improved.

Reactive Dye

Also known as reactive dyes. These dyes are new dyes developed in 50s. Its molecular structure contains one or more active groups. Under suitable conditions, it can react with the fibers to form a covalent bond. It can be used for dyeing cotton, linen, silk, wool, viscose, nylon and vinylon.

Vulcanized Dyestuff

Most of these dyes are insoluble in water and organic solvents, but they can be dissolved in alkali sulfide solution and can be dyed directly after being dissolved. However, it is not suitable for dyeing protein fiber because of its strong alkalinity. These dyes are homogeneous, low in price and good in color fastness, but the color is not bright.

Disperse dyes

This kind of dyestuff is very low in water solubility and fine particles. It is dispersed in the dye and is a nonionic dye. It is mainly used in polyester dyeing and its fastness is high.

Acid Dyestuff

These dyes are water-soluble and contain water-soluble genes such as sulfonic group and carboxyl group. It can directly dye protein fibers in acidic, weak acid or neutral media, but the moisture treatment fastness is poor.


Suitable for all fiber, through resin mechanical attachment fiber, dark color fabric will be hardened, but the color is very accurate, most light fastness, good washing fastness, especially in the medium, light color.


Pigment And Dyestuff

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